‘ReMoved’ – short film

The short film ‘ReMoved’ is one of the films that really inspires me. Even though I’ve watched it several times, I still get a shiver watching it. I really like the use of narrative and how the whole film is based from the girls perspective. The camera only follows the girl making it feel more personal to her. This creates a more realistic story and making the watcher become more emotionally attached to the character. I preferĀ this then when short films focus on more then one character because there’s only one story and character to pay attention to. This makes it more simple and captivating. I also like the use of lighting. In the shots with dark memories, they use a dark filter. This creates more of a dark atmosphere. The shots where she’s starting to feel happier become more light, creating hope and happiness. Another thing I like is the use of slow motion. It makes some of the scenes more dramatic. It also gives the effect that she remembers the memories shown in more detail as it adds to the narrative and the person watching can see every detail, like she can when analysing the memory.

All together, I think ‘ReMoved’ is a very powerful film as it makes the person watching think and emphasise with the character. I find it personally inspiring because I think the character is really strong and the story being told is very unique and original. The story being told is the sort of story I want to tell in films I make in the future because they’re important to tell, yet nobody tells them.

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One Response to ‘ReMoved’ – short film

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Excellent work Izzy. I’m pleased with this. You’ve picked out a number of things that go into making this a successful film, and also made it personal to you. Great start.


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