Shootout – 16/09/2015

Our initial idea for a shootout scene was to have people all going for the same object. We wanted to put a modern twist on the classic shootout scenes. We decided that they should be going for an object because we weren’t allowed to use guns, swords or any type of weapon. We found it hard to think of an idea because all the classic shootout scenes contain weapons. To compensate for the lack of weapons we decided that we should have them all going to grab something because it means there will still be conflict and all the people trying to be the first to do something.

Initial ideas:

  • People going to grab a cake
  • People going to grab a note left on the floor
  • Classic Western style but with water guns

We decided to go with the idea of people going to grab a a note left on the floor. We decided to go with this idea because we would have to buy a cake for the first idea. This would mean that we would have to defiantly do all the filming in one day as the cake might get damaged. This would mean that if we filmed over 2 days, the continuity would be poor. With the idea of using water guns, we realised that it didn’t fit the brief as it involves using a type of weapon.

Outline of film: 

Our initial idea:

  • Have 3 people all see a £5 note on the floor. They all stop and have a “stare off” like in classic western scenes. It ends with the music climaxing to when they all run in to grab it.

After we thought about it we decided to only use 2 people for the shootout. This is because it might be difficult to film as its hard to keep the 180 degrees rule. This is when characters in the scene maintain the same left/right relationship to one another. With 3 people it becomes harder to maintain the right camera shots that make the scene easier to understand.

We made a rough outline of the story line and the different shots we wanted.


We then made a story board/shot sequence of how we wanted to layout and shoot our film. This was the general idea of what we wanted. However, because there are lots of quick, sharp, shots in a shootout, we couldn’t include every single shot.


Location ideas:

For our location, we wanted it to be outside. This is because you are more likely to see a note on the floor outside. Also, we can have things going on in the background as the street will have people walking past.

Location 1) The Park

 We liked the idea of having it in the park because it was a wide open space. This means there’s lots of room to be able to do wide shots. Also it gives us an interesting background. However, the sound of the river might ruin the audio. To stop this from happening we would make the film silent apart from the music and sound effects.

2) the market 

We thought the market would be an interesting place to shoot the short film because there is a lot going on in the background. Aldo it’s a fimiliar place/setting so it makes the story line more realistic. The only problem is the market is a very busy street. This means it wouldn’t be suitable for wideshots as there might be people walking through the scene. Also, cars constantly go up and down the road, which might make it dangerous to film there.
3) Th Bird Cage 

We thought the shelter in town might be a good place to film the short film. This is because it’s not too busy so we won’t get people walking through the shots. Also, because it’s sheltered, it might rain and the shelter will stop equipment and the actors getting wet. However, during the middle of the day, it can get busy during the lunch period.

4) the shopping centre

We liked the idea of using the shopping centre because there was a large wide space. Also, there was a balcony so we could do some wide shots from high up. Another reason if it rains, we won’t have a problem shooting. However, to film in the shopping centre we would have to ask permission. This would be hard to get in such sort notice.

6) back street

We had the idea of shooting in one of the back streets. This is because it’s less busy and it has lots of area to do wide shots. The problems, however, would be the signs outside the shops. These might obstruct the way we want to film.

We will decide what location to use tomorrow.

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