Shootout – 21/09/2015

Today we filmed our short film, based on a classic shootout scene. It has to be 60 seconds long, including a shootout scene.

We went to the park to film our shootout. We chose this location because we wanted somewhere that you could find money on the floor because it made the scene more realistic. 

Firstly, we filmed all the wide shots. Secondly, we did all the mid and close shots of the actors. Next, we did the behind the shoulder shots and close ups of hands. Finally, we filmed the close shots of the money. We filmed like this instead of doing it on chronological order because it makes more sense to do all the shots from one position first becacause you would have to keep moving the equipment around. 

The problems we had were the camera kept running out. This meant we had to rush some of the shots because we ran out of time. This is because the camera kept running out so we had to keep going back and charging it. To stop this from happening next time, we can make sure the camera is fully charged before we go out and film. Or, if it is a camera with a low battery life, we can take 2 cameras and use the second one when the first runs out. Or, if filming indoors, attach the camera to a charger whilst filming.

Another problem that we had was that it was raining in the morning. We were worried that it was going to carry on raining in the afternoon when we were filming. Luckily, the weather cleared up before we started. Next time, we need to make sure we have a backup location that is indoors incase of bad weather. 

However, I think that we combatted other problems well. A problem we had was people walking through our set. This was a problem as there were people walking past, which distracts the person watching from the actual scene. We combatted this by making sure that we only started filming when there wasn’t anyone walking past. Also, we went at a time where there wasn’t a lot of people using the path.

However, I think our overall planning was sufficient because we knew exactly which shots we needed to film and what order. This made the whole process run a lot smoother. 

My contribution with the filming, was doing some of the filming and helping direct. I am pleased with my contribution because I made sure every shot was right and that the people acting were doing the right thing and were in the right position. This will make the end film be better as the shots wouldn’t look as good if they weren’t directed correctly. 

I think our group got on well as a team. We all contributed to filming and directing. Our only problem was that non of us wanted to act, so we had pick names at random. Next time, we will find people to act in advance as they will be willing to do it.

From filming the shootout scene I have learnt more planning needs to go into locations. This will make the process easier next time if it rains. Also make sure the camera is fully charged or have a back up.

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One Response to Shootout – 21/09/2015

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Excellent stuff here Izzy—well done. It’s good to see you identify some key points in the process—it’ll be interesting to reflect on whether you apply them in your next film…


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