Shootout – 24/09/2015 – Evaluation

Yesterday, we started individually editing  our short film that we shot on Monday. Today, I finished editing my version of our film, “The Good, The Bad and The Fiver.”

This is my final edit of the film: “The Good, The Bad and The Fiver.”

Camera shots:

I think that the overall finish of the shots went really well. This is because the shots we used mirrored the types of shots used in ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly,’ which was our main inspiration for the short film.

Close up good brad sceen shot

close up of hand close up of hand harry

Wide shot  wide shot harry brad

For our wide shots, we tried to use the rule of three. However it didn’t work because we didn’t want the actors being too close too each other or the money. Too improve next time, we can plan using the rule of 3 more in detail. Also, we could get a camera that puts the grid on the screen while filming. However, we would have to use a more advanced camera.

ArtTutor GridPic

However, I think some of the shots could of been better because there were a few where they weren’t centered. Shots like this should be more centered because the viewer will be focusing more on the background then the character. To improve this next time, we can make sure every shot is centered by making sure were watching the screen rather then the actor. Also, watch it back as soon as we finish.

harry face uncentered


The editing for our short film went well. From the feedback, people liked the way the shots got faster and faster to build up the tension. People also liked how the close ups of faces were broken up with close ups of hands and the money. Also with over the shoulder shots.

However, to improve I could make the music fade out before the tip sound effect. This is because the music stops suddenly. This causes an irruption change in atmosphere. Next time, I will make sure that the music fades out instead. Also, the music was unoriginal. The music that I used is a very popular song to use in Shootout scenes. Too make the short film better, I could of used something more original and less expected.

Team work:

I think we all worked really well as a team. From the start, we all shared ideas and made decisions as a group. Everyone in the team contributed in every part of the process apart from the acting. 

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One Response to Shootout – 24/09/2015 – Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a good evaluation, Izzy, showing a strong sense of reflection and self-analysis. I’m especially pleased that for your group in particular, I see a clear path traced through the research, analysis, planning and production of the film; that’s what I’m looking for in subsequent projects too. Well done!


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