Locked In – 30/09/2015

Today we decided on a storyline. We decided that we wanted to make a horror film as we thought this would be more interesting.


Our storyline is a girl wakes up in a toilet; tied up and with tape round her mouth. She begins to struggle, she sees a sign on the back of the door saying “He’s coming for you.” She begins to struggle even more in a panic and frightened. Theres a sudden sound of someone entering the room and the door slamming shut. She stops struggling and she tries to be quiet. Her body language is tense and frightened. The person stops outside the door and its quiet for a few moments. Theres a sudden bang and the door starts rattling again. The door opens and the the person walks in. It blacks out.

We made a story board displaying the general layout of our film.




Shots List

The shots we are going to use are:

Covrage Shot: This shot is a shot that is shot for that rubs for the whole scene. This is so when it comes to editing, the editor can come back to it if there are any gaps. This makes the whole scene smoother and more fluid. 

Pan up: We want to pan up because it can show close ups of every part of her in a smooth move without cuts.

Close up: We’re going to use close ups of the girl; her hands; her feet and mouth. This will show the different parts of that are tied up or restricted. With the close ups of her face, you will be able to see her emotions more. Also, of the

Extreme close up: The extreme close ups will be on her eyes. We are doing this because her mouth is taped, so all the emotions  will be shown through her eyes and eyebrows. 

Wide shot: We are going to use a wide shot as an establishing shot. This will show the person watching where the film is set.


Sound Effects

The sound effects we need are:

Creaking door :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iegvm6skE10

Heavy footsteps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spDzJCAL5lk

Door slamming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNNhE0Cz2QY

For the sudden loud noise on the door and the door shaking, we can use the audio from filming it. This is because you can see the door rattling, and the sound effects might not look right with the visual. Also, it might be hard to match the audio with the video. This is the same reason why we are using the sounds from the actor instead of getting new audio when she’s struggling.


A lot of our film is going to be silent because it will increase the tension. This will also make the loud bangs more unexpected and random, making the person jump more as they are already tense.

When music is used to build up to a scary moment, you can normally tell when the music is going to stop as horror music normally has a cinematic rise and a sudden finish. When it finishes or there is a break in the music a scary moment happens. An example of this music is this cinematic music. An example of this in use is in ‘Sinister 2’ – The Last One clip. The music used is very dramatic and the intensity of it rises. This means the viewer knows that the scene will become more intense and scary.

A scene that shows this is from Paranormal Activities. The film series paranormal activities uses no music at all as it is meant be security cameras. A scene that shows the use of silence for a jumping effect is in ‘Paranormal Activities 3’ – The Girls Bedroom scene. Most of this scene is silent. This makes the moment where the sheet comes off suddenly more scary as the person watching doesn’t know when its going to happen.

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One Response to Locked In – 30/09/2015

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is good, Izzy—well done. I’m particularly pleased to see you thinking like this about the use of sound, which is the key to horror. I suspect this will together nicely in editing. My only concern is whether you could do a little more with the ending—having set up a strong scene, could there be some twist at the end as a stronger pay-off for all that tension?


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