02/10/2015 – Locked In

Today we did our screen test.

Locked In – Screen Test

We came across a few issues with filming.

Firstly, when we went to the location, we found that we didn’t notice that there weren’t toilet seats when we first looked at the location. This caused problems as we had planned for the character to be sat on the toilet with the lid down. To combat this problem, we went to the workshop and asked if they had any pieces of wood. We managed to get one that was big enough to put over the toilet; but wasn’t too big that when you sat on it you could see it.

Another problem we encountered was we wanted to do high angle shots from over the cubical door. This was a problem as we were too short to look over the walls. The only way we could do it was standing on our tiptoes and holding the camera high up. However, this made the camera wobbly and unfocused. To stop this from happening when we’re actually filming, we can get a chair and stand on that so we can get a clearer shot.

All of the shots came out unstable and too short so we couldn’t use them. We had to re do them later on so we had some footage to use. This meant we wasted time that could of been used to plan for our film. To make sure all our footage is good, we can watch them straight after we film them. This will make sure we are happy with all the shots used.

Overall, I think the sequence wasn’t very successful. I think this because its a practice of the start sequence. I think it could more disorientating because it would show that the character doesn’t know where she is and she’s in a dream/disorientated state. This could be done by using a blurred filter, then becoming more focused. I also think that the first shot should be a  a close up of the characters eyes. This should be a long shot as she is waking up. Then it should show she’s tied up. I think we should do this because its like the person watching is waking up with her and seeing that she is tied up at the same time as her. This would give a more stressful atmosphere and build it up more.

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One Response to 02/10/2015 – Locked In

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is good, Izzy, except for the last paragraph, which is very good; you’ve reflected on your work, considered its success, explored possibilities for improving it, and applied a different idea. This is a good cycle of reflection—well done.


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