05/10/2015 – Locked In

Filming evaluation

Today we filmed our short film.

Things that went wrong: 

  •  We planned to have a shadow to appear when the door opens. This was going to create the effect that someone was towering over them. However, we couldn’t create a shadow effect. This is because there wasn’t an off switch for the light. The light was over the cubical so we couldn’t make a shadow. We tried getting a big theatrical light, but it wasn’t giving the effect we wanted.
  • We wanted our film to be very quiet. However, there was a lot of background noise. This is because our location was next to a music room where people were practicing. This meant that some of the scenes might contain a small amount of noise. To get rid of this, we can silence the video and make it completely quiet.
  • We also wanted the lights to be a dim colour. This is because it would give a more of an eerie atmosphere. This would make a more overall scary and spooky atmosphere. However the lights were automatic so we couldn’t switch them off. However, when editing, we can put a dark filter over the video. This will give the eerie effect we wanted.

However, I think overall, the shoot was successful. We managed to get all the shots we wanted to get and didn’t have any major problems.

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