08/10/2015 – Locked In – Evaluation

I finished editing our short film ‘Locked In’.

This is the final copy of the film: ‘Locked In’ – Short College Film

Camera Shots:

I think the camera shots in the film were sucsessful. The breif said the film had to made up of close shots. All of the shots we used were close shots.  We followed the story board about what shots to use.

However, I think a few of the shots were shaky. Although, this made it more dissorientating, it meant the shots stood out from the ones that were still. I think if I could do it again I would have all the shots done on a tripod. This is because all the shots would be the same. Or, have all the shots at the start hand held to make it more dissorientating.


Overall, I think the editing was good. I made a few different copies of the film and kept improving the editing. This was because I wasn’t happy with the overall effect.

When we made a story board, we wanted to have our own sound effects to make it seem more realistic. Howver, when I edited it, the noises were too quiet to create an intense effect. Also, there was a lot of background noise so it wasn’t silent. From the research, I discovered the shock has more of an effect is  the scene is completely silent appart from the sound effects. Therefor, I cut out all the sound and added my own sound effects. For example, the foot steps. I cut out the origional sound and added some louder, echoey footsteps.

From the feedback, people really liked the start. At the start, I wanted to create a really dissorientating, drug induced effect. People thought this was very effective. People also liked the silence of the scenes and how the music stopped when the ‘action’ started happening. However, to improve people said they though some static or white noise would of worked well within the film to blend the music into silence more.


I think our content worked very well. The story line made sense and it  was easy to follow.

However, if I could do it again, I would of changed that the character takes the tape off her mouth. This is because I think the storyline would of been better if she couldn’t talk. I would also change the actor. This is because, all though she was very good, some of the acting could of been better. To fix this, we could use someone who had more acting experience.

Team Work:

I think we all worked well as a team. We all contributed ideas and shared our thoughts on how it should be filmed. Howver, we had the same probelm as last time. This was that no one really wanted to act in the film. However, we resolved it by talking about who would be best to do it.

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One Response to 08/10/2015 – Locked In – Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is pretty good, Izzy. I personally found the use of silence—on both occasions—extremely effective, and really quite sophisticated. Well done for this! You’ve understood that sound and silence are key components to building tension, which should form a good platform for the next project. You could definitely delve deeper into the things that didn’t work so well, and I’d have liked you to perhaps connect your ideas to industry examples as well—but that will come. For the most part—well done.


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