14/10/2015 – Ball Rolling Off A Table

Today we went over some ideas in our group of what we could do. The brief was it had to show a ball rolling off a table as an action film.

Original Ideas:

  • A simple idea of just a ball rolling off the table – with lots of close ups and dramatic music.
  • Someone having an apple and knocking the apple of the table.

The problem with with second idea was that the apple might not role. However, we liked that idea because we could make it more dramatic with facial expressions.

Rough Idea:

  1. Someone sat on the bench at a table. They then get an orange out of their lunch box, and put it next to them.
  2. They then knock it with there elbow.
  3. It starts to roll with dramatic music behind it. We can have lots of different shots of the camera tracking the orange . This can contain a few dramatic faces.
  4. It then stops right on the edge. This could be an over the top shot.
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