15/10/2015 – Shot list

Shot list (no particular order): 

  • wide shot from behind knocking the orange.
  • Close shot of the orange being put on the table
  • Wide shot of person at table taking orange out bag (safety shot)
  • Following shot of orange from the side
  • tracking shot above
  • opposite way to orange
  • fly by shot
  • from below shot
  • inception shot
  • falling from the front (lots of different perspectives)
  • People reacting dramatically

Order of shots

  1. Wide shot – Someone sat on the table, they get an orange out of their bag
  2. Close shot – of the orange being placed on the table
  3. Wide shot – from behind the person of them knocking the orange
  4. Tracking shot – from the side close to the orange
  5. Close up – person 1 reacting to the orange dropping. Slow motion
  6. Close up/slow motion
  7. Fly By – from above
  8. close up – person 2 reacting
  9. Glide and Over
  10. Close up – side shot of the orange stopping and teetering at the edge.
  11. Shot from below of the orange on the edge
  12. series of faces and close ups of the orange
  13. ‘inception’ (turning 90 degrees) style shot as the orange falls.
  14. Close up – side shot of falling orange in slow motion
  15. Close ups – sequence of people reacting, sometimes going back to the orange falling
  16. Close up – Orange Impacts in slow motion
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