Ball Falling – Evaluation

Final Film – The Falling Orange

For this project, we had to make a short acton sequence about a ball rolling off the table. We used an orange as our ball. We had to make sure it followed action scene conventions.

Things That Went Wrong:

We kept having a lot of trouble with keeping the orange in focus when it was rolling. To combat this, we kept doing the same until we were happy with it. However, this could of waisted time on a proper film set. To stop this from happening, we could of thought of a way to keep the orange with the camera. This could be done by using a track. Or, using a better auto focus.

Another thing that went wrong was getting the shot of the orange rolling off the table. We wanted to do a shot of the camera following the orange falling off the Table. However, this was difficult do do because we had to roll the orange lowly, so this meant we had to keep hold of it some way. We tried lots of different techniques: using our fingers to roll it down; sticking something into the orange; trying to roll it off slowly. However, in all these shots, you could see the person moving it or the thing moving it or it was too fast. To fix this, in editing, I cut the the actual video so it was more zoomed in. This meant you could see most of the orange and not the fingers moving it. However,  it did lose some quality but in the end, it looked effective.

Another thing I would of changed was the sound effect of the orange dropping on the floor. I think it didn’t sound like an orange dropping, so the sound effect didn’t match the video. To make it better, I would of recorded my own sound effect. I didn’t use the original sound because there was too much background noise.

Things that went well: 

I thought that the use of slow motion worked really well. It added humour to the short film which made it more interesting and gripping to watch.

Also, I think the music choice was good. It is a famous song, which is used in drematic and intense scenes. This added to the humour as it made the scene more drematic, even though it was a simple concept of a orange falling.


I think we planned sufficiently because everything went well and nothing went completely wrong due to planning. Before filming, we made sure that we had everything prepared. Also, because of the test shoot, we knew which shots were going to work and how they looked.

Throughout the filming, we had a checklist too make sure we were getting every shot we wanted. This meant we wouldn’t have to go back to do more filming whilst editing. This created more time to perfect the final edit of our films.


I think we all worked really well as a team. Everyone participated in every part of making the film, we all contributed our ideas;created the story board together; all filmed and all acted in the film.

what I have learnt:

You can use different fps to film different types of shots. For slow motion, you should use a high fps.

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One Response to Ball Falling – Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is mostly very good, Izzy. It would be stronger still with some screenshots of your work or of your research to demonstrate your points, but that’s a quick fix. The main thing I’d like you to tackle is the idea of what you’ve learned—yes, it’s good to know about FPS—but what have you learned about using the camera to tell a story? (Given the success of your film, I’d suggest you’ve learned quite a lot—think about your use of cutaways/reaction shots—how you decided when to cut to meet the expectations of the brief. It’s a good evaluation, but could go further!


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