09/10/15 – Shooting

This morning, we read through our plan to make sure that we were ready to film. However, when we read through there were a lot of problems with our plan. We decided that we needed to change our idea because it didn’t fit the brief and would of been hard to do in the weather.

Kayla and Harry, 2 members of our group had to go to a meeting, so only me and Mathew were left to create a new story.

We decided that we needed to make sure that we met all the criteria, which was: contains wide shots and create a sense of character. We came to the conclusion that our current story was too complicated to create a sense of character and we weren’t focusing on getting wide shots in.

To do this, we completely changed the story. Firstly, we decided to think about how you can show character and their emotions from location. The first idea we came up with was rain. Rain is a good way of showing someones emotions in a seen. Especially if theres barely any light, it will show that the character is sad, emotional and depressed. We then began to think of a location that also has these qualities. We thought about using a graveyard location. This also matched the theme of sadness and depression, especially with the rain. Focusing on location and creating a sense of character was better then developing the storyline first because it meant we could build around the criteria.

We decided to go to the graveyard to see what it was like there, this meant we could get a sense of what we could do there.

When we got to the graveyard, we took photos of what shots we could do. We really liked the location and thought that it would definitely fit with the theme. When we got back to college, we decided that the character should be going to the graveyard to see someones grave. We had the idea of the character putting flowers down on the grave. However, we thought it wasn’t very captivating, which it needed to be as its the start of a film. We then had the idea of the character putting an object on the grave. This is when we thought about having a letter. A letter is very unusual as you don’t know who is going to read it or who its for.

When we began to film, it went well. We new exactly what shots we wanted to do, and we were very sure on the storyline and the feel we wanted to go for. The only problem was the rain. To deal with this, we put an umbrella over the camera so it kept dry and didn’t damage the lense or picture quality.

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One Response to 09/10/15 – Shooting

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good, Izzy! I’m glad you and Matthew were so proactive in developing a new idea. You didn’t faff about, you pushed on and devised a new film quickly and creatively towards hitting the brief. Well done. I look forward to your evaluation on the finished film—your group captured some excellent shots towards a decent sequence.


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