Graphics and Titles – 12/10/15


Titles are words or letters. They are used to show the name of the film; credits or subtitles They also give us an idea of content.


Graphics are often pictures, moving images, animation. They are things that can be added onto the original picture. We use them to manipulate already existing images. They can also be used to add blur, grain, scratches and an old film look. An example of this is a short film with an old filter:

However, it can also be stop motion with is a sequence of pictures. An example of this is ‘Bloom’ by Pj Ligouri

A use of both graphics and titles is the Marvel intro.


The qualities or detail of a particular typeface. For example, spacing, height and sound.


The look and style of the writing.

Do’s and dont’s of adding text:


  • make sure that it fits the theme. Eg. Horror – spikey, pointy, stick like, grainy.
  • make sure the colours match the theme. Eg. Horror – dark colours: red (blood); black (darkness and death)
  • Make it simple
  • Bold
  • Legible so it can be read
  • Clear
  • Upright
  • Uncomplicated
  • 1 or 2 colours
  • 1 or 2 typefaces


  • Ignore the theme of the film. Eg. DO NOT use pink for horror
  • Make it over complicated
  • Small so it cant be seen/read
  • Use an ineligible font/typeface
  • Use lots of colours
  • use lots of fonts

This is an example of an effective film poster:


‘Sinister’ is a horror film. This is very clear from the poster. The font is written like blood. This creates sinister, no pun intended, atmosphere. There are also people hanging from the writing so it incorperates graphics as well.

Contrasting to this is a romance poster:


This poster is for the film ‘P.s. I love You.’ The writing is made to look hand written. This is effective because the phrase ‘p.s’ relates to love letters. The handwriting is made to look like an end of a letter. They use red writing to symbolize love.


We were given title slides to edit into a film poster. These are what I made.


Screen shot 2015-11-12 at 09.11.59


I chose this font, because I thought it was sharp and dramatic. I chose to put the writing on underneath because it ‘mirrors’ the title, which represents the title. I chose to do it in a scratched looking font as this is more horror like. I chose red because it represents things like blood, anger and terror. All these components show that its a horror film. I chose to put all the writing between the person and the wall because it creates a barrier.


Screen shot 2015-11-12 at 13.01.29


I chose the blue and white colours as they go with the colours on the picture. also, they are relaxing colours so you know its a more relaxed film. I chose the font for the title because it is spaced out and clear. This makes it legible and stand out, but still fits in with the background. For the tag line, I made the writing white because I wanted it to blend in with the background, and go with the blue title. I chose to put it straight underneath because it  means all the writing at the top or at the bottom. This creates a simplistic look, which is really effective for a relaxed feel.

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One Response to Graphics and Titles – 12/10/15

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Some good decisions explored here, Izzy—well done. I think you need to reconsider your spacing and placement of the titles—in both cases, the title is very high in the picture, leaving large spaces underneath—I’d like to see them moved down a little so the space was balanced.


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