The forgotten – evaluation. 

The criteria for this project was to create an opening scene to a film. For this, it has to grab the audience as it gives a general feel for the rest of the film. Overall, I think we did this well.

I think that our planning could of been much better. This is because we had to redo our whole idea on the day of shooting because we realised all the problems within the storyline and how it didn’t fit the criteria. Although, once we actually re wrote the storyboard and shots, the final shorting went well because the planning was in detail and we new exactly what we wanted to do.

When filming, one of our biggest problems was the rain. Although we used it to our advantage by making it fit in with our theme of death and sadness, it was hard to use the cameras in the rain. The rain drops would get on the camera and create smudges p, so the picture would be partially foggy. To fix this problem, we got an umbrella and and made sure the camera was underneath it at all times. We also constantly checked is the lens had water on. If it did, we would use a clean, dry, cloth to wipe it off. However, I really liked a lot of our shots, especially the wide shots. I think they were really effective because the first 2 shots are establishing shots. This gives you an idea of where the scene is set and sets a theme.

With the editing, I found it difficult was colour correcting when editing. I found it very difficult to make every single shot match. However, I think the editing apart from the colour correcting went well. This is because I knew exactly what I wanted to do within the editing and knew which song I wanted to use. I think the song was an effective choice because its morbid, which fits the theme, and the lyrics also go with the theme of death and sadness. If I was to do it again, I think I would of made some of the shots shorter as some of them went on for too long. .This can make the viewer lose interest.

I think as a group, we worked not as effectively as we could. I think we lost a concentration at some points, which effected our planning. Also, we lost a lot of time because a lot of us were off on different days. This caused problems because some of us were behind on developed ideas. Next time, if people are off, we should make sure everyone is filled in on ideas by email or messages. This would be better as they can work at home or the next day they understand where the planning is up to.

From this project I learnt that planning is key to making a good film. Although we managed to create a new story, it was very last minuet. This meant that it felt rushed and unplanned. Also, stayed focused with my group and try and motivate people to work. This will create a better work effort.


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One Response to The forgotten – evaluation. 

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is your best evaluation by some distance, Izzy—very well done. I’m really pleased to see you explore the process in detail, addressing a range of challenges from planning through to filming and then editing. I’d really like you to demonstrate your points with screengrabs—especially when discussing something visual, like the colour correcting—it would be brilliantly illustrated by screen shots of the pictures before and after correcting. The finished video should be embedded in this post as well, and you should also connect your work to the brief and your research—but you can do that on your next evaluation. Generally, well done. I’m pleased with this!


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