Picking a Poem – 19/11/2015

I brought in some poems for my group to look at. I chose a wide range of poems which I thought were powerful and good.

‘Instructions for a Bad Day.’

I chose this as one of the poems because I thought that it is really beautifully written and is very powerful. I think it is something that everyone can relate too. This makes it more personal and powerful. It is about how to cope through a bad day and how to calm down. I think this would be a good choice of poem However, the poem is very long so we would have to cut it down. Also, the poem is copywritted and their is already a film poem version of it. This makes it un origional and hard to use creativly.


‘An Irish Airman Foresees His Death.’

This is one of my favourite poems because I think that it is powerful and emotional. It is about what an airman thinks about before he dies in WWII. I think this would be a good poem to do because it is short and not complicated to do. Also, it would suit simple, quiet music as it is a simple poem. However, it is an ld poem so it might be quite hard to make a video for it. This is because it is about the war and we don’t have the time and money to recreate something that could be close to a visual representation of the poem.


Do not go gentle into that goodnight.’


I chose this poem because its very famous and a lot of people know it. This would be a good choice because people know it, people will be more interested to see what video clips to put with it. However, I persoanlly don’t like the poem because I think its boring and doesn’t have much emotion behind it. This is because it doesn’t have a clear message behind it.


Grow Up with Me’


I chose this poem, because like the first one, its something that people can relate too. I think that it is a really calming poem that flows nicely. I think its very simple so we could do a simple video. However, its not very powerful. This means it might not be memorable or gripping.



We decied to do ‘Do Not go gentle into that goodnight’. We had the idea of filming at nighttime and doing shots of nighttime.

However, we realised that it was a bad idea. This is because we didn’t like the idea because it would be really hard to film at night. This is because we would have to stay late and it would be hard to get the lighting right. We decided to change our idea. But, no one actually liked the poem.

We decided to change our poem. After looking, we decided to pick ‘The Cloths of Heaven’ by W.B. Yeats. The idea we had was a girl walking through a field bare foot.








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One Response to Picking a Poem – 19/11/2015

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a strong commentary on the poems and how to choose one, but there’s not much discussion here about the film side of things… how do they combine? What are the challenges?


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