Research -18/11/2015

Our new task is to produce a film poem.It must have:

  • a single musical instrument
  • A spoken work piece (rap, poem, short story, landscape writing)

We can use additional sound effects but it must revolve around a single musical instrument and a spoken word piece.



‘Rape poem to end all rape poems’

An example of a film poem is this one that was entered into a poetry competition in 2014. This is just a simple film poem because it is shot on one camera and recorded at source. However, I think this a really effective piece. I think this because the girls speaking it are using emotion within their voices and with their body language. This gives a stronger portrayal of the message. Also, they all speak the most important parts to make certain messages stand out. By not using a video with the poem, it makes the person watching concentrate more on the actual words they are speaking. This is a good way of making the viewer pay more attention to the message by taking way something to look at.


‘One Minuet’


This is another example of a film poem. This one is about about a girl waiting for her pregnancy test to show if she’s pregnant or not.

This film poem uses videos as well as the poem. They use the poem as first person narration. This is effective because you feel like you get to know the character. It also shows visuals to show what she is thinking. The clips will go from her location to what she is thinking. This is effective because it gives you an insight to what she is thinking and what her personality is like.



This is one of my favourite short films. This contains spoken words and it tells a story about a child that goes into foster care. I really like this spoken word film because I think it is really powerful the way it tells it from the girls perspective. It only has one character that it focuses on, which makes the story line simpler and easier to follow. This makes the viewer concentrate more on her story.


‘Look Up’

This uses the poet speaking to the camera as well as using visual shots of what he is talking about. This is a good way to make the poem feel personal but it will give the viewer something to watch. The poet talks directly to the viewer by using word like ‘you’ and ‘we’ making it inclusive and personal. Also, because he talks directly to the camera, it makes it feel like its directly to you and you listen more closely to the words he’s saying.



The whole film is different cameras of him speaking. It also uses written subtitles on the screen of some sentences he says. By doing this, it makes them certain words stand out more against the other ones. I don’t like this film poem as much because I think that the fact there are multiple cameras, it stops the poem feel like it flowing and makes it feel cut up. I think this makes the poem lose some of its message.


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One Response to Research -18/11/2015

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    There are some strong reflections here, Izzy—well done. I’m pleased to see you consider the interplay of poem and film. You could go into more detail, though—even in one of them—to explore how video has been used in a little more depth.


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