26/11/2015 – Film Poem Evaluation

This is the finished film:


I think the planning could of gone better. This is because we were unorganized when it came to filming. We knew the general idea of what the story was, but had no physical copy of the shot list or story board with us.

This became a problem when filming because we didn’t know exactly where to do the shots from or what types of shots.

I think the reason why were so unorganised was because we were behind on schedule. This is because we couldn’t decide on a poem, an idea or an actor. The created big problems as we got closer to filming.


Filming and recording

I don’t think the filming went as well. This is because a lot of the filming was out of focus. This caused a problem because it meant it was harder to edit. We didn’t keep in the out of focus clips because we thought that this would make the overall film disorientating and hard to watch, when we wanted the theme of the film to be sad and emotional. This needed clean, crisp filming with no moving camera. To solve the problem of having an out of focuses camera is for wveryone to check the footage straight after it was filmed.

A problem we had was continuity. There was a shot where Kit walked over to me and my hands were in my pockets. Then it cut to another shot where kit tried to hold my hands, and they were out my pokers and I put them in. This was a continuity error. However, we realised half way through filming that this was wrong. We then re shot the first clip so it made sense.

I think recording the sound went really well. This is because it sounded smooth and it flowed well. When we first recorded it, we realised that the sound was cracking and it wasn’t smooth. However, once we had changed the settings it wasn’t as bad. We all made sure that we all listened to it and thought it was good before we packed away.

We chose to record in a sound proof room that is used by the music department. This was a good choice because it meant that there was no background noise.




I think the editing went well because it looked smooth and fit together well.

Some of the shots were hand held which made them wobblily. This made the film disjointed as not all the shots matched. I used a warp stabilizer to stop the shakiness. This made the shots still, so all the cuts matched.

I think the colour correcting went well apart from in the second shot. It was the only shot I couldn’t get right. This is because the lighting was dramatically different to the others as it was one of the last ones we did and the sun came out. I need to practice colour correcting more in the next project.

I think the fade to white was effective. This is because white symbolises purity and

I edited the recorded poem but cutting and splitting it up. I did this because I thought that the poem was too short so it was just in the middle of the film. Also, some of the sentences matched the shots so I wanted the line of the poem to go with the cut. This was more effective because it made the film flow better.


Team Work

I didn’t think we worked as well as a team. This is because we were unproductive and unorganized. This effected our overall film. We did get on well, but we couldn’t make group decisions. I think if this happens again, someone should take over as a team leader and pick the best ideas and parts of everyone’s ideas. This is because it would of made the process quicker and made more time for planning.




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One Response to 26/11/2015 – Film Poem Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a good evaluation of your working process, Izzy, with strong explanations of each stage of your decisions. I’d like to see you go a little further and illustrate your points with specific frames, and to combine the work we did on mise-en-scene in the last film with your planning of this film, but I appreciate there were issues with teamwork in this crew, and actually you’ve made a fairly strong wee film off the back of those difficulties. You’re right about someone stepping up to lead the group, should this happen again: YOU. You have strong ideas. Be bolder with them!


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