Ideas – 30/11/2015


For this film we have been given three weeks to make a theme surrounding a certain film. We have been given 5 themes to pick between:

  • Walk
  • Fly
  • Swim
  • Edge
  • Mirror

When we got into our groups, we went through all the themes ad decided which ones we defiantly didn’t want to do. We narrowed it down to fly or edge.  We then made a mind map of how we could present each theme.


We decided that we should do edge because we had more ideas and interpretations for that theme. We wanted to do a metaphorical edge because we thought that the story can have more meaning. This would be better as it would be more interesting and memorable to people watching.


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One Response to Ideas – 30/11/2015

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good process Izzy!


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