03/12/2015 – Research

60 seconds of Congo 

This short film is built up of 1 second or less clips of footage shot in the Congo. This film is really effective because it shows all aspects of life in the Congo, good and bad. I like how it builds up and it keeps you interested by contrasting clips. It does this by showing the good and the bad of the Congo. This links in with the theme of mirrors as the clips mirror. Also, it links to edge because they’re on the edge of life everyday because of the wars.

I think this is a really powerful film because it shows the reality of living in the Congo and all aspects of it. It gives you an insight into their lives which you would never normally see in a film.


‘Most Shocking Second a Day Video’ – Save the Children advert

This film is an advert for a campaign done by Save The Children. It was on TV as an advertisement. It uses the idea of using a second clip of each day of the year of the girls life, from birthday to birthday.

I think this is a really powerful video because it puts into perspective what some children are going through in other countries by bringing it closer to home. I really like this video because achieves the effect of giving the viewer an idea of what it is like to be in a situation of war, especially from the perspective of a child. Its also powerful because its

It links with the theme mirror, because it mirrors the life of a child from a place of war.



‘Amelie’ – Parents Introduction

In the French film ‘Amelie’ the characters are all introduced by the narrator telling the audience their dislikes and unlikes. This is an effective way of getting to know the character because it makes the audience feel attached to the characters before the film has even started properly.

In this clip it introduces Amelie’s parents. Their introductions mirror each other. They also have a very similar like of ‘clearing out their tool box/hand bag.’ This is effective because it shows that they are ‘good’ together because of their likes and dislikes are similar. If they were to contrast, it would show that they are bad for each other.

We could use this by showing the similarities in 2 peoples lives. This could show that they are similar and ‘meant to be together.’





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One Response to 03/12/2015 – Research

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    I’m glad your Congo video addresses some technical aspects of film production, Izzy—I’d like the rest to do this as well! Try to keep connecting your personal, narrative, emotional responses to videos with HOW they’ve actually been made—the factors that go into their production, the techniques that generate their emotions/meanings.


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