09/12/2015 – FINAL IDEA

We have come up with a FINAL idea for our short film with the theme of ‘mirror.’ We decided to not do the idea of having 2 people on a split screen, one happy and one sad, then in the end there is a twist ad they walk out of the same front door. This is because there were plot holes and it doesn’t make much sense. For example, why would they have two kitchens or two bedrooms?

We have back to our original idea because we thought it was more solid and made more sense. We also thought it was more original and creative. Originally we were going to have one person who was happy, began to get sad, then began to recover again.

However, we changed it because Simon thought that by going up then down then up again, we would have to use more shots and it would make it more complicated. We simplified it by changing it to have one second shots about one person, going through depression and the recovering. We are going to do this by making the shots dark and then they gradually get lighter. We can do this in editing by changing the brightness or contrast gradually on each shot.

We are also going to visually represent depression by showing what it is like. We will have shots where the character is alone or arguing with someone. We will then have it gradually getting happier, showing triggers that make his life better. For example: meeting someone new; talking to friends more; doing activities in groups.


We decided to make a plot graph to visually show his emotions and how he gets happier. We put some points on to show shots and how it will make him happier.




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One Response to 09/12/2015 – FINAL IDEA

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a strong idea, Izzy, and it’s been well worked through to get to this stage. Your decision-making process on dropping the split-screen idea is solid. Be very, very careful when working with ideas like depression—they are very difficult to convey with sensitivity, no matter how sincere your intentions. The structure is good, and by sticking to it, you also give yourself dramatic space to play by breaking your own rules, and holding shots for longer—even much longer—than a second. Use this to your advantage!


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