10/12/2015 – Planning

Shot list

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We made three separate shot lists because with our story line, it will make it easier to keep track of the shots. This is because the shots that are opposite each other, we can film at the same time.



We are going to film in several different places.

One of the places is Harry Clarkson’s house. We chose to do it here because Harry is going to be the actor and he lives closest. This mean time wont be wasted traveling. We wanted to use somebody house because, especially if you have depression, a lot of time is spent in your house.

We are also going to film in college. We are going to have shots where the character is working or sat in the canteen eating.

We are also going to shoot outside. The only problem is the weather. the rainy, dark weather would fit with the sad scenes in our film. However, for the happy parts it wont fit in. For the happy shots outside we will have to make sure that all the characters and what is happing in the scene is positive and happy.





The problem with our film is going to be continuity. This is because the story is meant to be over several weeks. We need to make sure that the character has lots of different outfits to wear. This is because the character wouldn’t wear only one outfit. We’ll have to make sure that the shots which are next to each other, the character is wearing different outfits. This will show they are filmed on different days.


Music and Sound

We are not going to use any music. This is because we want to use contrasting sound. For example, one shout really loud and people arguing, then the next shot silent and someone sat by themselves. Adding music would make the story line lose its effect. This is because the person watching would concentrate more on the music then the storyline. Purely concentrating on the audio and film will make the viewer more absorbed in the story.


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One Response to 10/12/2015 – Planning

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good. I’m glad you recognise the challenges involved in this shoot, and that you’re making good progress towards managing them. Well done! Some good creative planning here Izzy. I’d like to see your shot lists completed in a more formal manner, as this makes them easier to adapt and annotate.


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