This is our final film:



I think our planning could of gone better. Although, we did create a shot list and had a clear idea of how it was going to be laid out when editing, we didn’t plan how and where we were going to film. This caused problems because we were rushed into a time frame which made the filming go more rushed. Next time, we should  plan out exactly what we are going to do in a day, out locations and time frames. This will make the day run smoother and we wont waste time.

I also think we should of planned more about some shots and practiced them more. All the shots, apart from 2, were a second long. This meant that the shots needed to all be clear and compact. We didn’t plan what was going to happen in the shot very well, therefor in the second clips, they aren’t very powerful or interesting. Next time, we should plan how we can get all the important parts of the shot in the allotted time frame.

We also didn’t plan a proper ending. This had consequences in editing. Next time, we need to have a clear idea of exactly what we are going to do at the end, instead of just leaving it. Also, we could also plan a back up idea in case our original idea looked wrong or didn’t fit with the end film.


I think we stuck to our theme well. Our theme was mirror. We presented the theme by using mirrored shots. This was done by showing the same shot, but a happy and a sad version. They mirrored each other and showed the different sides of emotions.

I think the theme wasn’t really clear, but then again, I think it didn’t need to be. We used our imagination and didn’t take the theme literally.

Filming/ Sound recording

I think the filming should of been done over a period of a week. However, we did it in a day. This is because all the clips seem rushed. We would of been able to concentrate on the lighting, how the scene is set out and what the character is wearing more. This would have made the overall film look more neat and more planned. Also, we could have filmed more shots to make our film more even and spread out. I think we should of filmed more in between happy and sad shots. This would of made his recovery from sad to happy more obvious.

We should of also concentrated more on lighting. This because in film lighting can set the mood. Especially because our shots are in a second, the viewer needs to get a quick feel of the mood of the scene. Our film starts off sad and then gradually gets happier. We could of used the lighting to help show this. When filming, we tried to make sure the lighting was right. For example having all the curtains closed for the sad clips and then open for the happy shots so there was more natural light outside, but it was the last thing we did. This meant it was getting dark outside and there wasn’t much natural light. However, we didn’t take into account how much natural light there was outside. We filmed a lot of the happy shot. Next time, we need to think about how we are going to make sure we concentrate on the lighting during filming. This will help us create a better overall mood.

We should of also concentrated more on the colours in the scenes. Colours can be used in films to also set the mood. For example, cold and dark colours for a sad mood; and bright and light colours to create a happy mood. This could of helped us again to create a clearer mood. We could of used these colours in the characters clothes and within the scene. Next time, we should take into account about costumes and where we are filming.

I would also like to improve how we/I frame shots. I think centre shots are really powerful because it lays out the shot more. If the main focus of the shot is in the centre, that’s where the viewer will look. We can then build the scene around the main focus. We tried to do this within our film because the shots were only a second. This means the viewer instantly needed to know who or what the focus was. Another was you can frame shots is using the rule of thirds. This is when your eyes go to where the part where the lines cross on a grid.  This can be easy to do, because you can get a 3 by 3 grid up on DSLR screens. We should use this more to our advantage to make sure we frame right.


I think the sound recording could have gone better. This is because a lot of the sound has static and noises that were picked up by the recorder. This is because we had the sensitivity high. We need to make sure it is lower to create less static. Also, moving this wires attached to the recording system creates a static sound. We need to make sure they are still when recording sound. Another way to improve our recoding of sound is to make sure the we only record the sound when the camera is turned on. This is because it was hard when editing to sort through all the sound to find the right one.



I think the editing went well. I managed to make exactly one second clips, most of them containing the important parts of the shot. This is good because, although there aren’t many shots, they all have some sort of meaning.

I think the order of the clips went well. This is because the sounds of the shots contrast. I edited it so the noisy clips and the quiet clips were next to each other. This was effective because it made more of an impact. The loud noises and silence stand out next to each other.

Something I wasn’t happy with was the colour correction. This is because we wanted the shots to gradually get lighter. However, I found this hard as all the shots had different lighting. I need to work on my colour correction as I’m finding it difficult. I can improve by making sure I concentrate on it when editing my future films. I can also practice on video clips I have filmed outside of college.


Overall, I didn’t think this film went as well as it could of. I think this was mainly all down to planning which is something I find hard. I need to make sure that we plan thoroughly because if you don’t it can effect your whole film.



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One Response to Evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a good evaluation, Izzy—well done. You’ve shown a strong understanding of the processes involved, and I think you’ve explored the creative workflow thoroughly. I think your film is quite strong, and is a very end product from the ideas and planning you put in place. I’m particularly pleased to see you’ve lifted your awareness of what you’d improve on in your next films—this is strong practice. Well done!


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