07/01/2016 – Finding A Clip

I chose to do the animation ‘Chicken Run.’ I chose this because it’s one of my favourite animations and I know it quite well. Also, the existing sounds are very over the top and artificial to match the unrealistic animation.

I should pick a clip that has no dialogue. This is because it would be hard trying to match the voices with the movement. Another problem I might have with doing the film ‘Chicken Run’ is getting chicken sounds. I will try and avoid clips where I think there should be chicken sounds.


This clip is at the start of the film when they are trying to escape. I like this clip because it is very simplistic. The only part that would be very hard is getting the screams of the chickens. However, I could get a group of girls and get them to all scream together. As its a continuous scream and you can’t see the mouths when they stop, it would be easy to fit into the clip.


This clip is when Rocky flies over the fence. I like this clip because it got quite a lot of comedic sounds. This would be harder to do because it has dialogue and a lot of different sounds. It might be hard to get the dialogue as i would have to fit it in with the original animation. Also, some of the sounds, for example the elastic noise, might be hard to do.




I’ve chosen to do the first clip as I think the sounds will be easier to record. Also, it will be easier to fit into the animation. I went with the easier option because I have never done anything to do with foley before, therefor I need to advance at it before I can start doing more advance sounds.

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One Response to 07/01/2016 – Finding A Clip

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is a good rationale for picking this clip, Izzy—good. I look forward to seeing how you get on with it!


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