Sound Effects in Chicken Run

The Foley effects editor for ‘Chicken Run’ was James Mather. He talks, as well as others on the sound effects team, on how he makes the sounds in this video at 3:32:


This is the scene I am using:

I am going to do from 0:01 – 0:17 seconds. I am doing this because there are a lot of sounds included with this scene, especially after 0:17. I am going to cut it off just before the chickens scream. This will make the end piece better because I can concentrate on the sounds better in the allotted time frame and make them better.

Sound effects

  1. 0.02 – Dog snoring (diegetic) 
  2. 0.03 – Gate squeaking as it opens (diegetic) 
  3. 0.03 – Gate slamming against wire wall (diegetic) 
  4. 0.04 – 0.14 – Heavy, loud footsteps (diegetic) 
  5. 0.04 – 0.14 – Wood creaking as it steps (diegetic) 
  6. 0.10 – Dogs surprise noise (diegetic) 
  7. 0.12 – 0.14 – Ripping cloth (diegetic) 
  8. 0.14 – pulling off clothes (diegetic) 
  9. 0.15 – Droppig cloth (diegetic) 
  10. 0.17 Dog surprise noise (diegetic)

There is a total of 10 diegetic sounds in this scene.

I think I will add in non diegetic sounds as well if I decide not to have music. This will fill the scene in more and make it less quiet. In the already existing scene, they use music. However, I want to add in noise. I could add in noises like:

  • Wind (non diegetic)
  • Owl/night bird noises (non diegetic)
  • Crickets (non diegetic)
  • Trees rustling (non diegetic)
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