What Foley Is?

What foley is 

Foley is recording and/or adding sound effects to a prerecorded film. These sound effects can be diegetic or non diegetic. Diegetic is when the sound effects fit into the film. For example, when someone walks, adding footsteps. A non diegetic sound is when it doesn’t belong in the scene. For example, hearing a distant car noise when someone is inside with no cars around.

Where is came from 

Foley was invented by a man called Jack Foley. He was one of the first ever foley artists. He was the first to add sounds such as footsteps to films he worked on.

Recording foley

This video shows a foley artist and how they work. He says that you have to be very skilled to do it. Each individual sound must be made, not always using the original object. For example, he records the sound of chains clanking together and making horse noises, instead of actually recording the sounds of a horse moving and breathing.

This is more of a technical version of what we are doing, as a lot of the sounds are built up to make one sound.

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