First Multi camera edit

To practice using more then one camera and editing more then one clip, we filmed a conversation between two people. This is a video of me and Elena having conversation.


Things I need to work on/things that went wrong

Something that made the video bad was that we had to use 2 different types of cameras, a cannon and a handy cam. They both have different settings and video quality. This made it difficult because the 2 shots look different, therefor it is harder for the audience to connect the 2 together. In our final project, we need to make sure all the cameras are the same quality and we have synchronized the setting so they are all the same. For example, fps, iso and white balance.

We also need to make sure that we use a tripod. This is because one of the shots is moving and the other is still. This can create confusion as they are different. Movement will normally give the shot energy. However, in this occasion it looks unprofessional because there is nothing energetic in the shot.

Another thing we should change is having a wide shot. This is because we need an establishing shot to show that we are sitting across from each other. This would make the scene make more sense as the audience then knows that we are sitting across from each other. If I had a 3rd camera, I would make sure it filmed a wide shot all the way through the scene. I could then use this as a safety shot. This means if the 2 people talked over each other, I could go to the safety shot so you could see both of them. Furthermore, If I were to film a conversation again, I would make sure the 2 people don’t talk over each other. This is because it was hard to transition between the 2 when we talked together.



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One Response to First Multi camera edit

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Excellent lessons, Izzy! This is quite brief, and I think you could expand on it a little (perhaps by connecting it to a professional multicam interview?) but overall I think you’ve identified some crucial issues in multi-camera work, and I look forward to seeing you implement them in your next shoots.


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