Planning for Multi Camera

Rough floor plan:

We still haven’t been given the layout yet of the band or what the band members will be playing. However, we have been given the location and the layout of the room. With this, we can begin to take a guess where the band members will be.

The band is probably going to be:

  • Singer
  • 2 guitars
  • bass
  • drums
  • piano

With this, we can guess where they will be. I drew out a floor plan or the venue and tried to work out where the best place for cameras would be. We have 5 DSLRs and 2 go pros to use.

First plan:



These are picture of what the camera would roughly show:

  1. This would be my wide shot. This camera would be from the tech stand. I would use a DSLR for this shot. I need a wide shot as my safety shot. This mean I can cut to this shot when I want a shot of the whole band.


2. This shot would be from behind and slightly higher. I would use the go pro for this because I wouldn’t use this shot as much because it doesn’t show much. However, this would be a good shot because it would show an audience and several of the band members.


3. This shot would show one guitar player and a bass player. I would use a DSLR for this shot. it is important to focus on individual members of the group because it shows the whole band. However, a problem with this camera would be that behind the speaker, there are lots of wires. This could be a safety hazard. Therefor, if I wanted to put a tripod there, I would have to make sure all the wires were organised better.


4. This shot shows the piano player and the drummer. The same principles of this camera are the same for camera 3, just on the opposite side of stage.


5. This camera would be showing the singer. I would use a DSLR for this shot at this will probably be seen a lot.


6. This camera is on the piano. I have chose to put a go pro there because I think this might be a nice shot to go back to if I need a filler shot.



We have also been given a jib. This will add movement into the filming, giving it more energy. This will be good if its a fast energetic song. I think I would put camera 3 on it. This is because it will get most of the band members in and give more energy to the performance of the singer and the guitarists mainly.

We were also given the choice of using a trolley. However, I don’t think we should use it. This is because it’s not a professional one, therefor it more jaggedly making it look wobbly and unprofessional when used.




In the performance, we will also control the lighting. The colours that are rigged up are yellow, green, blue, pink and white. They are all controlled from a control panel side of stage.

When we tested the lighting, I decided I didn’t like the green colour. This is because it was too in your face and made the people on stage look strange. My favourite colour combination was yellow, pink, white, and a small amount of blue. This is because I think it was subtle and you could still see all the performers.

However, I think if it is a fast song, the colours should change fast because it will fit the tempo and energy of the song. If it is a slow song, there should be a spotlight on the singer, then throughout the song, when they join in, the other bend members should be lit.

The colours are important in concert. Colours can show the emotion of the song. If it’s a sad song, you should use cold colours. If it’s a happy song, warm colours are used.



Problems we need to think about

  • The silhouette of the cameras.

If some of the cameras are in shot, they may become silhouetted by the lighting. This can cause a problem because it makes the final film look not planned out and unprofessional. Having said that, a lot of the time, cameras can be seen during live performances, especially ones on a jib. This can give it a more ‘live’ feel. But, I think we should keep the camera behind the speakers that are in view to avoid it.

  •  Making sure everyone can be seen

It is important to show all the band members because they are a team and should be all shown for there talents, especially because it is a collage band. However, I think most of the time cameras focus on the singer. This is because they are seen as the ‘leader’ of the group. They are seen to lead them and be the main focus.

  • Lighting timing

We need to make sure the lighting fits with the energy and theme of the music. We can do this by rehearsing and making sure that we have agreed on the timing and colours.





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One Response to Planning for Multi Camera

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Izzy, this is excellent. Very well done. I’m really pleased witht he level of commitment and detail you’ve shown here, engaging with the venue and the task to plot out the shoot. You’ve shown a strong understanding of the requirements of a multi-camera shoot and the eventual outcome in the edit, as well as giving yourself plenty of options. Very well done. In combination with your outstanding Foley evaluation, you’ve significantly moved up a gear—please keep it coming!


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