‘A Town Called Malice’ – The Jam (Research and Planning)

About The Jam

The Jam is a band that were a rock/mod revival that were most famous in the 1970s-80s.

The original band

  • Paul Weller – Lead guitar/ lead singer
  • Bruce Foxton – Bass/Backing vocals
  • Rick Buckler – Drums

However, in the song ‘A Town Called Malice’ they incorporate other performers to add to there song. They released the song in February 1982 and it reached number one. It has been in popular films such as Billy Elliot and The Matador.

During the 70s, there was a large rise in rock and mod revival music. The Jam used a rock and early 60s R&B style which meant they were a big influence in the rise of mod revival music. Although there style was rock, they wore smart suits. All the songs were written about the band members individual experiences.  ‘Town Called Malice’ was written by the lead singer and he said it was about the town he grew up in and his teenager experiences there.



Performances of the Song

Original music video:

The song has lots of energy and is fast paced. My first thoughts when it comes to live performances of the song would be faced pace cuts and bright lighting which would set an upbeat/happy mood. However, the video is quite dark which matches the actual meaning of the song.


First Live Performance:

This live performance is very simple, as it was filmed in the 80s when live performances hadn’t been perfected yet. The cuts are quite slow and has varied shots. They use 5 cameras, but they move around to focus on different band members. Some cameras move whilst filming to give the performance more energy. The cameras mainly focus on the main singer/bass player and guitarist. This is because they are leading the band and seen as the most ‘important’.


2007 Live Performance:

This is a more recent live performance of the song by the main singer in The Jam, Paul Weller.

This live performance has more cuts and moving cameras to give it more energy. Most of the cameras focus on Paul Weller. This is probably because he is the main focus on stage as he is seen as the important band member. This is because he is the only original band member on stage, whereas everyone else is filling in for the other band members and are seen as not as important.

There is little lighting on stage, apart from white light. This is because there is already natural light, therefor it isn’t really needed apart from to highlight the band members. However, I think if it was done at night time, they would use more colorful lights to create more of an atmosphere.

I like the filming more of this concert because it’s more how I imagined it to be like, and it matches the song.



The Band


The band is:

  • Billy Brudley – Drums
  • Kayne Severino – Bass
  • Charlie Fenech – Keyboard
  • Neno – Jones – Guitar 1
  • Kyle Petcher – Guitar 2
  • Kyle Johnston – Vocal 1
  • Helen B – Vocal 2


The band layout is:


This is not what I expected the floor plan would be, therefor we need to redesign the camera layout.



The roles within my group are:

  • Director: Tucker
  • Lighting Tech: Joey
  • Floor Manager: Chantelle
  • Camera op: Caitlin; Wilson (jib); Izzy; Ash; Tucker, Chantelle
  • Grip: Everyone responsible for their own equipment


Camera Positions

This is our first plan:


  • Camera 1 – Wide shot of whole bad
  • Camera 2 -Camera on jib, mainly getting shots of the 2 singers and guitarists
  • Camera 3 – Side shot of the 2 singers
  • Camera 4 – Side shot of rhythm guitarist and keys
  • Camera 5 – Lead guitarist
  • Camera 6 – Bass Guitar
  • Go Pro 1 – On keys
  • Go Pro 2 – Behind and above drums.

With this camera layout, we had a shot with every band member. Its important to get every and member in because they are all part of a team.

However, we then found out we were one camera down. This meant we got rid of camera 6, and camera 5 focused on the bass and guitarist.



We then had to chose what lenses to use with each camera. The ones we had were:

  • 24mm x1
  • 35mm x4
  • 50mm x4
  • simons 50mm x1
  • 135mm x1

Our final layout for the camera were:

  • Camera 1 – Wide shot of whole bad; 24mm; on slider
  • Camera 2 -2 singers; 50mm; jib
  • Camera 3 – Side shot of the 2 singers; 50mm; tripod
  • Camera 4 – Side shot of rhythm guitarist and keys; 35; tripod
  • Camera 5 – Lead guitarist and bass guitar; 25mm; tripod
  • Go Pro 1 – Keys; light stand
  • Go Pro 2 – Behind to the right and above drums; light stand



Health and Safety

Health and Safety we need to think about when filming/setting up:

  • Light Stands

We need to think about the light stands and make sure they are set up correctly. This is because the lights are heavy and can get hot. If they fall over, they can set something on fire as they get extremely hot. To prevent this, we need to make sure that all the light stands are set up correctly. The bass of the stand needs to have vertical leg supports. This means the bass will have the widest bass/surface area. This means it will be more stable.

  • Loose Wires

Loose wires can be a tripping hazard. This is because when they are not correctly tied back, they can be loose on the floor. To prevent this, we need to make sure that all the wires are safely away in the places we need to be. We can do this by using electrical tape, ad taping them back.



Setting up

Our group is going second, therefor all the equipment is already in the room. We made a plan for as soon as the other group finished.

  1. We all decided which camera we were going to take from where the other group put them to our camera position. As soon as the finish filming they take the SD cards out and we need to move the cameras.
  2. We then need to check the lens is right. If it isn’t we needed to go to the table with all the equipment to find the right one.
  3. Once we have the right lens, we need to set the tripods and other equipment to the right level.
  4. Once this is done, Mathew came round with all the SD cards to put in our cameras. We them need to put them in and format them.
  5. Tucker then comes round again, and check all the settings are the same on each camera.

After this we are ready to film.





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One Response to ‘A Town Called Malice’ – The Jam (Research and Planning)

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good work, Izzy. You’ve looked at multiple live performances of the song, and while I think you could go into more detail, you’ve done a solid job of considering how each version represents the song, and from this drawn your own conclusions about what works and what does not. I’m impressed with your planning, which shows genuine engagement with the song, the band, and the Venue. I’m extremely pleased with your floorplans, your health and safety work, and your involved discussion of camera angles. It’s no surprise with this level of planning that your group worked so effectively. Well done!


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