Three Point Lighting

3 point lighting is the setup you use to light a scene, especially an interview. Iy uses 3 light sources in different positions and purposes.

The Lights Used:

KEY LIGHTING – Key lighting is the main source of light. It is in front of the subject and a little bit too the side. This highlights the subjects feature and face.

BACK LIGHT/HAIR LIGHT – This light is behind the subject. It is much dimmer. It creates a white line round the subject so there back isn’t in the dark.

SIDE LIGHT/FILL LIGHT – This is the light at the side of the subject.It it dim and fills in the shadows the key light creates.



What else is used to light scenes

REFLECTOR – A reflector bounces the light in a different direction. This can be used with natural and artificial light. It also softens it when it bounces. They’re normally shiny and mental looking.

DIFFUSER- They soften light by reducing its intensity and spreading it. Normally white sheets.

BARN DOORS – These are attached to the light and they make the light frame smaller and bigger.


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  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Good terminology. Nice one.


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