Project Propsal

Section 1 – rationale 

Coming into this course, I knew little about film making. Since then I have developed my understanding of what goes into a film, whether it’s a full feature film or a short film. I have gained understanding of camera work, editing and how to layout a scene. This has influenced my project proposal as I want to find out more and develop my film skills.

Section 2 – project concept

My aim for this project is to create a short film that reflects the same style as a Wes Anderson film. I will research Wes Anderson’s style by watching and analysing scenes. This will help me develop a better end film. I anticipate producing a short film similar to the style of Wes Anderson films by copying his conventions. I don’t think I will achieve a polished replica as a lot of money and time goes into making them. These conventions are mainly: types of shots; colours; composition. I will use primary and secondary resources. For secondary I will watch his films, read already existing essays, and watch other people’s films that replicate Wes Anderson films. For primary, I will do my own research by making questionnaires.

Section 3 – Evaluation 

I will document my progress throughout the process: logging changes; difficulties; ideas; and decision making. I will do this by making blog posts and keeping it updated overtime there is a change or development.

Section 4 – project Action Plan and Timetable

As a group, we made a rough time frame in which we need to work by.

After this, I then made a schedule specific for me and what I need to do over the next three weeks.

It is important to make a schedule because it helps you keep organized and all your deadlines of time. For me, it’s important because I think I can get frustrated and lose focus. To have a schedule means I know what point I’m at and what I need to do. Every week I’ll make a more detailed plan of what I need to do, making sure I get everything done I need to do.

Section 5 – proposed research sources and bibliography

For research I will use primary and secondary research.


  • Questionnaires – I will make questionnaires to research. This is helpful because you can find out what audience like and don’t like.


  • Films – For research, I can watch Wes Anderson films analyze the films. I can take screen shots and clips from the films. Then I can write about them and break them down. For example, how they are one; how to re create them; colours; camera work.
  • Books – I can read books on cinematography or lighting. I can learn tips on how to light, set out and colour scenes.
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One Response to Project Propsal

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is good, Izzy, but could go a little further: be more specific in your rationale about the particular films skills you wish to develop, and be more specific in your research sources—not just ‘books’, but WHICH books, for example.


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