Wes Anderson conventions I want to try



I really want to try making some colour palettes and using them within my short film. I want to use the colours that they use in ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’ He uses mainly autumn and neutral colours. I want to use these colours because I think they are my favourite colour palettes and they will be the easiest to re create.I would use these colours in a happy scene to show are more positive mood.

However, I would like to make a contrasting scene, so a more negative scene, and use contrasting colours. He does this in other films, such as ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. The overall colour palette is autumn colours.

However, in the scene where he has a fight with the rat, the colours all turn dark to match the atmosphere of the mood.

my colours.png

I want to do this because I would like to experiment with 2 different colour palettes, and setting atmospheres with colours.


Shot types I want to try:


Within Wes Anderson’s shots, he uses symmetry.

gif 23gif 3

When doing my final film for this project, I would like to try and get some of the shots symmetrical to match the style of Wes Anderson. I can do this by putting the grid on the screen when filming. I think it will be quite hard to do, but if I plan well it could be really effective.


portrait shots:




Moving camera:

90° movement


180° movement

giphy (1)

I can do these movements on a tripod. I think this movement is good because it can show the surrounding area. Also, its a good way from going to one shot to the other with out cuts.


Shots from above:

giphy (3).gif

I really want to try this shot because I think it’s a really safisticated  way of showing a close up or what the actor is doing. It shows the details of the shot.



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2 Responses to Wes Anderson conventions I want to try

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is brief but good, Izzy—you’ve cleared identified dominant visual ideas in Wes Anderson’s work. Look forward to seeing your own experiment!


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