This weekend, I went looking for locations. Picking a location is important because in Wes Anderson films, the colours are very important. The locations I pick need to fit in with the colour scheme I pick.

I wanted an inside location to make into a bedroom. The room needed to be dark colours yet have natural light. I wanted this because the characters room needed to give a lonely and boring atmosphere. I asked around and no one had an empty room which I could use. This is when I had the idea of hiring a room somewhere. I went to the Gregson center in Lancaster and asked about looking in there venue room. (http://www.gregson.co.uk/facilities/)

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I really like this location as it is what I was looking for. Although the walls are white, most of the room is wood. I also have the freedom to make the room look the way I want. Also, there is a lot of space to make wider shots and be more creative with set design.


I also want to film a sunset. I went to the ashton memorial in Lancaster as it is the best place to get a sunset in Lancaster. However, it was rainy that day so there wasn’t a sunset. But I dd take photos of places I could film.

ashton 1.jpg

This shot is from half way up the ashton memorial. Where he is standing would be the sunset. I would like to film here as I think it could look really effective.

The next night, there was a sunset. I didn’t have time to go up to the park but I managed to get some pictures out the window.

dark sunset


I really like this effect of the silhouette. I got this idea from ‘The Darjeeling Limited’. I think its a really good way of getting colours. The problem is trying to film on a day with a sunset, which is hard because it rains constantly in Lancaster. It will take planing to film this shot.

aunset 2

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One Response to Locations

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Some fantastic, constructive, practical work here, Izzy—well done. I’m really pleased you’ve had the gumption to get out and source strong locations. I think the Gregson could be ideal, but consider a Plan B in case it falls through! Good use of photos.


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