FMP Project Propsal

Section 1 – Rationale

Over the last year at Kendal College, I have explored all of the principle techniques within filmmaking. These include: narrative development; lighting; framing and composition; lens choice; and camera handling. I have progressed substantially from when I first started through a process of experimentation and practice. I have also discovered a passion for directing. I’ve gained a love of dramas and life stories told in a fictional way. I like telling these stories using colour, shot types and character development. This will influence my FMP greatly as I want to look more into aesthetics and shot development. I also want to look more into improving my sound recording and using a steady cam as these are weaknesses of mine.


Section 2 – Project Concept

My concept for the project is to create a film that is in touch with mainstream isues within the media and politics. The final aim is to get the audience to empathise with the people within the film. I am drawn to this concept as I think I’m very politically minded and that films with a strong message resonate with the audience for longer. Creating a lasting impression, I can makes a better and more effective film.

I have chosen to use the theme home and plan to create a fictional film based on the truth about immigration. I am going to flip the story on it head so it is set in the UK, make it easier  for the audience to empathise. I want to have the story following a family and events happen to them that mirror one’s that happen to families in Syria. They are forced to leave the country and move somewhere else. I want the film to be shot in 5 – 10 second scenes, showing time passing and things gradually getting worse.

In the past, I have only made films that are fictional pieces. I would like to create a fictional piece but base it on true stories that I will research thouroughly. I haven’t done anything like this before, I think it will  be a challenge for me. But also, it will give me good experience as it’s the sort of film I want to make in my future career.



Section 3 – Evaluation

I will reflect on each stage of this production with on going  evaluations. I will upload these onto my blog, using images and video examples. For example, I will take pictures of all the written work I do. This will show my creative process throughout the project by uploading ideas onto my blog. I will find this useful because it means I can keep going back to my original ideas to see if I can evolve them more, or re-visit something I had forgotten about.

I will also make blog posts  of each stage of the project. I can upload a blog post daily if needed, with progress and ideas. The key stages I will blog about will be things like research, preproduction, shooting, editing and evaluating.


Section 4 – Project Action Plan

  1. Project proposal. Develop Ideas. Begin Research.
  2. Research further. Develop ideas further.
  3. Start testing lenses and shot ideas
  4. Rough outline of story. A clear idea of end product.
  5. Location scout. Rough story board and shot list.
  6. Test shoot. Finished story board shot list and preproduction documents.
  7. Final shoot.
  8. Upload rushes. Assembly edit. Get feedback of tutors and peers.
  9. Rough cut/fine cut. Sound recording if needed.
  10. Finish final cut. Export. Write evaluation. Try not to cry.
  11. 14th of June screening.


Section 5 – Bibliography

Research is crucial to my process because my film is going to based on real life. Instead of just researching already existing films, I will have to look at real life stories such as journals; interviews; articles and books. This sort of research is important to my final film as I want my film to be close to reality. The storyline and context of the film has to be close to truth as it is a political film and the end goal is to get people to emphasise with people who are immigrating to other countries. As well as doing secondary research, I can also conduct primary research. I can create interviews and questionnaires on peoples opinions. This will be useful because I can look at what people know about immigration and see what I need to include in my final film.



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2 Responses to FMP Project Propsal

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is an excellent project proposal, Izzy, particularly in the Rationale and Evaluation sections. However, I’d like your Concept to be more detailed and specific about your actual film, as a lot of your discussion focuses on your politics and ambitions, and this material is better suited to the Rationale. I’d also like your Research section to include more specific films (and other sources) as stepping stones into your more detailed research. Otherwise, this is a strong, ambitious, personal project, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with it.


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