Exploring Themes

I need to look into the themes and what I could do with them. The themes we have been given as ‘Broken’, ‘Home’ and ‘Stranger.’ All these are very open themes, and all of them have different connotations. I made mind maps of what I could link the themes to and my ideas.



I think that I want to do something political. I am very politically minded and I think that it is something that I am passionate about. Furthermore, I think that is important to make films that you are passionate about, as they normally come out better. I explored the idea of political films.


Me and my tutor Dom went through different topics I could make a film about surrounding the themes. From this I found that I could look closely into immigration and how it links to home. I want to do a a film that is fictional, so I could take someones story and make it. I will look into how I could present this in further blog posts.








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