18/04/2016 – Project Diary

In the morning we explored each others project concepts and gave each other ideas how to develop our projects. I worked with Kit and he gave me advice on how I can expand my research and develop my project further. The advice he gave me was:

  1. Look more into people’s stories. This will help me a lot because it means I can extract real life situations to make my film more realistic.
  2. Go to the library. The library is a very useful for sourcing research. I can look in the archives for newspapers, or find books that might help me.
  3. Travel around. This will help me find locations, people and help me feel inspired. He thinks that if I travel I can find inspiration from little things. For example go to the beach and look at boats and see how people would hide in them.
  4. Questionnaires. Questionnaires could help me do primary research. I can ask people there opinions on immigration; what they know about it; and they’d want to see from a film about immigration. This can help me develop my film by seeing what audiences know and don’t know, and what they would want from a film.

I found this excercise very useful because getting someone’s second opinion helped me see what else I could do.


In the afternoon I started my secondary research on real life stories. I’m going to look at news articles, news reels am documentaries from all different perspectives. This will help me develop my storyline by seeing real life events that have happened to people and remind me why the film I’m making is important.

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One Response to 18/04/2016 – Project Diary

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Great work here, Izzy—I’m really pleased to see how your ideas are developing, and it looks like working with Kit has been useful. Good!


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