FMP Brief Explored

The fmp brief is to create a maximum 2 minute film, based on one of the themes: Broken; Stranger or Home. However, there is more to it than just creating a film. We need to:

  • Research
  • Interpret
  • plan
  • Experiment
  • Produce
  • Edit
  • Present
  • Reflect


Assessment Criteria

Analyse the creative requirements of creative media production project: For this section we need to analyse the brief before we can start researching and creating a film.

  1. Complete a project proposal
  2. Create an additional blog post/vlog explain the specific requirements of the brief. It also needs to show what you would like to achieve in making the film.
  3. Write a treatment (Discuss a concept idea/walk through of the film)

Review a range of research sources to support a creative media production project: This section of the assessment, I will need to research how to create the film; the theme of my film; and the storyline of my film.

  1. Create 3 blog posts on the different aspects of my research, including sources, primary and secondary. They need to be analysed and annotated, and why they are valuable to my project.

Interpret Research to develop ideas and effectively communicate to an audience: This section is about creating a final pre-production pack, showing I’m ready to film and what I’ve learnt.

  1. Create mind maps on idea generation
  2. Tie all the research together in one blog post, showing what I’ve found and what I’m taking from the research.
  3. Create 3 draft and 1 final concept idea.
  4. Create at least 3 draft storyboards that are annotated and a final storyboard.
  5. Create a final shot list.
  6. film at least 2 test shoots and evaluate the shoot and what I’ve taken from it.
  7. Explore locations, character and props in 3 separate blog post exploring all my decisions.
  8. Completely finish a pre-production pack, including a blog post about the evolution of my idea.

Apply practical skills, knowledge and understanding to complete a creative media project within an agreed timeframe:

  1. Film my fmp film
  2. Evaluate my shoot, with screen shots, goods and bads, challenges and how I did it.
  3. Upload rushes, all labelled, dated and organised.
  4. Create a first draft, get feedback and write up what i need to change.
  5. Create another draft, again get feedback and write up what I should change and why.
  6. Finish my final film and export.

Critically evaluate a creative media project against the agreed requirements and parameters: Basically evaluate

  1. Create an evaluation of the film. Including every single detail of what I’ve done. This includes what I took from the research and how it affected my film; how I stuck to the plan; the evolution of my film; what I took from the test shoot; how my final shoot went; and what I would change.






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