9/05/2016 – Project Diary (Plan Development)

I am behind on my work, as last week I had to take a week off as I was part of a competition called ‘Work Skills’. This means that I’m very behind on my schedule. However, I have changed a few of my original plans.

I was going to focus on steady cam and lighting in this project. However, I have received a very bad hand injury so I can barely pick up heavy equipment. I have decided if I was going to use steady cam, it would have to be someone else using it as I haven’t got time to practice with my hand injury. I have also discovered that lighting would be too hard and difficult to look into as most of my shots are outside. I will still look into it, but I can’t use big lights outside and I will look more into natural light.

Instead I am going to look more into production design. In my last project when I made the film ‘Sunset Bound’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qfJ1sHZmc4) I went into a lot of detail with props; costumes and set design. This was the part of planning I most enjoyed and I think was the most successful. I’ve decided to learn from my last film and create a film where I focus on production design. I will look more into creating sets and props, and looking at the characters costume. Also, I will look into colours I want to use and how it can affect my film.

With all this in mind I made a new rough schedule for the next two weeks so I could work around what I have left to do. The rest will stay the same on my schedule.

09/05/2016 – 15/05/2016

  1. Finish all research (primary and secondary)
  2. Create a treatment
  3. Finalise concept
  4. Start storyboarding
  5. Location scout
  6. Finalise characters and cast
  7. Plan film week

16/05/2016 – 22/05/2016

  1. Final storyboard and shot list
  2. Equipment list
  3. Make and source all props and costumes
  4. Create a script
  5. Have a meeting with cast and talk about what’s going to happen
  6. double check I am ready to film


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2 Responses to 9/05/2016 – Project Diary (Plan Development)

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is terrific, Izzy. With Production Design as your focus, don’t let the broader ambition of your project run away from you—you could do an awful lot in a very small space of time, if you focus on (deteriorating?) costumes and props…


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