Idea Generation

From my research, I collected ideas of what I want my films storyline to be and include. I wanted to show it effects everyone, so I’ve decided to surround my film around a family. I want them to be as ‘normal’ and relatable as possible. This is because I want the audience to emphasise with the characters more. I want the family to made up of a mum, a dad, a older daughter and a younger son. With this in mind, I started noting down some ideas that I could put into my film.


In this mind map I thought of ideas for the opening of the film; the clips that are in the UK; the traveling; the arriving in the other country and the credits/titles. I also made a section for the important things I need to remember. I think a challenge with this film is going to be fitting all the story in within 2 minuets. I’m going to do the minimum clips as possible or really short clips.

I took out my favourite parts of the idea generation and decided to make a rough concept idea. In my film I want to make it up of extracts from the real life stories I researched. This was important to me because I want to make it close to the truth. I did 2 concept plans: one of a film time line and one that was in more detail.


Having this rough idea means I can develop it over the next week to simplify and plan it more. I think that I will need to simplify my concept as I only have 2 minuets.



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One Response to Idea Generation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is strong development, Izzy. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your time limit—you can cut large chunks of how the ‘real’ story unfolds in planning the narrative of the film. For example, the breakfast/TV scene is a terrific idea—why can’t that cut directly to them packing their bags? If you include them trying to live normal lives against the odds, you will struggle for time. The production values here are going to be challenging, so you need to be canny with your time.

    Just a thought, but what if the TV (or radio—that would be much easier!) was the key to it all? The broadcast could carry the entire story…


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