Outside Location Scouting

Location scouting is important when it comes to filmmaking. Getting the right location can really add to how successful the film is. From my rough storyboard and concept idea, I knew what locations I needed.


Rubble/Derelict Buildings

When I was researching, there were lots of stories and pictures linking to derelict buildings that had been destroyed by bombs or had been evacuated by people that left the country. I wanted to create a shot that was like it was in or outside a building that had been destroyed.


Obviously this effect would be hard to create in Lancaster. However,  I went looking for a building that was currently being built or taken down. Normally, there are piles of rubble or barbed wire around these buildings. When I looked around Lancaster, I found a building on the Quay. It was planned to be developed into houses, but the company ran out of money to take it down completely. All that left is some of the abandoned building; the rubble; and some of the scaffolding/fences.

I think this would be a very successful shot as it looks like a place that has been abandoned or a bomb has gone off somewhere near by.  I think the most successful shot would be the one from far away for the shot where they are walking away or sleeping on the floor. If I was going to do the shots there, I would do it at dusk as it would be darker and more eery.



Car Park

I needed a scene with a car park in when a van driver picks up the family. There are a lot of car parks in Lancaster, but I wanted to find one that doesn’t have too many cars and looks a bit run down. The car park that goes into town is normally empty during week days. Even if it was full, if you face the ice-cream truck yard, it looks very run down and empty. The barbed fence adds to this effect.



I am going to use the angle facing the ice-cream truck yard.




Ally way

In my draft storyboard, I have created a part where the two children are walking down the ally on the way to school, and they see two people fighting. However, I think I want to get rid of this shot because I think it would be too violent and not relevant. However, I want a scene that defiantly has posters in the background that have propaganda and political posters. I wanted it to be near the other locations because then I could film them on the same day if I plan well.13234691_1015894805163658_469577875_o

However I could also use another ally way which is in town and not a lot further then this one. It might be better to use the second choice as a lot of people don’t walk past often. The first alleyway is the entrance to a popular night club, and the parking spaces for delivery van.


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2 Responses to Outside Location Scouting

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Terrific work, Izzy, showing a huge commitment to securing the right location—and, again, concerned with the right aesthetic feel for your wider film. If you’re filming the abandoned mill at dusk, be careful it’s not so dark you lose some of that detail—it’s a great find, an extraordinary site, and it would be shame to lose some of that authenticity to silhouette. Magic hour goes pretty fast…


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