Research – People’s Views

Secondary Research

Against Immigration

There are a lot of reasons why people are against immigration. In this section of research I will explore people’s negative opinions and how this will affect my final film. Although I am pro immigration, it is important to explore all aspects of the problem.

National Identity

National identity is the someone’s sense of belonging to a a state or country. It links into the thought that a nation is symbolized by certain traditions, cultures, language and politics. This can also link into the idea of race and ethnicity.

Countries that have more extreme views on national identity can cause major problems when there are a wide range of ethnicities and cultures. For example, America. In the USA there is a massive amount of the population that is chauvinism. Chauvinism is an exaggerated patriotism and a belligerent belief in national superiority and glory. This is normally the source to the problems linked with national identity.

Economic Argument

This argument suggests that immigration can cause economic problems. This argument suggests that immigration causes problem to social welfare systems, housing and public schools. This is caused by the growing population.

Indigenous rights

An indigenous population has a set of rights based on their linguistic and historical ties to a particular territory. Immigration which affects an indigenous population may be perceived to infringe on such rights. In the UK these rights no longer exist, but in places like america they still stand.

Environmental arguments

This argument consists of a growing population: creating less resources. Also, creating less job vacancies. This can cause a rise in poverty: meaning less money and food.


A lot of people think that if immigrants come to the UK, not only will it increase economic problems the level of crime will go up. There is a correlation of when poverty rises, so does crime. This is because people in poverty, have less money and more time on their hands if they’re not working. They need to find a way to feed themselves and family; if they have kids pay for their education amongst other things; pay for heating/electric/furniture/everyday needs; and lots of other necessary needs. To pay, people steal. This is where the problems starts. Bringing more people to the UK who are in poverty can increase the crime.


Negative Views in the Media

Looking at negative views in the media aren’t hard to find. Just looking at comments on Youtube videos about immigration shows how negative people are.

A lot of the language and words used are all extremely negative. Trying to find the reason for negative views are hard to bring down to one thing. In the next section, I will look into why people have these views.


Where negative views come from

There are a lot of reasons why people have negative views

  1. Parents/guardians: A lot of people get their views from their parents/guardians. This is because most children get there  main early life education and belief of their guardians/parents.
  2. The media: The media is now a big influence on people, especially younger people. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube, you can share opinions. If people want information, a lot of people look on social media for answers. A lot of the time, these opinions can be negative. To popular opinion, the people get heard the most are the people that shout the loudest. This counts for social media as well. Controversial posts normally get more shares, retweets, re blogs, comments and likes then ones that are ‘fair’ posts.
  3. Social groups: Most of the time, people share the same opinions of their social group especially within high schools.



For Immigration

Listed below are pro immigration arguments.

Culture Change

Immigration over the years have molded our culture to what it is today. Immigrants bring a lot of traditions, food and life style changes. Most counties are built up of immigrants, especially places like America.

Helping Asylum Seekers

A lot of the time, anti immigration supporters forget where the people immigrating are coming from. Especially places of war like Syria, People have next to no choice to leaving. Some have families and would do anything to protect them.


Primary Research

To look into primary research, I created a survey to see what audiences opinions were on immigration. I shared it on Facebook to see what people thought. (

10 people in total answered the questionnaire. I looked into the results.


question 1:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.06.04 PM

All the people who completed the survey know something about immigration as 40% answered they knew a lot and 60% answered not much. I think that although its a big topic at the moment, a lot of people don’t fully understand what’s going on in Syria and why people are immigrating. This can be a cause of people’s negative views. However, my film isn’t to educate people, it’s to get people to emphasis with immigrants more. Although my film is based on truth, I think that education isn’t its full purpose.


Question 2:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.06.16 PM

With this question, I wanted to see what people thought about letting people into the country. My film s showing why they are leaving and I wanted to know if people understood that in some situations, they have next to no choice. 40% of people said they should let immigrants into the country, 50% said it depends on their situation and 10% of people answered no. Most people think that people should only come to the UK if they have a valid reason.


Question 3: 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.06.24 PM

other 3

This questions was to see what people thought the negative parts of immigration are. Although immigration can help people, there always negative parts. People were able to click on more then one.  Every single answer was picked by at least one person. The most popular answer was I don’t care as long as people are safe, followed by overpopulation, then by the UK has barely any money. I was expecting the answer that was most popular to be the highest chosen answer. This is because it is the most reasonable and selfless answer. I was also expecting over population to be high. This is already a know issue everywhere in the world, and adding more people to small places, like the UK, could be an issue. I was expecting an increase in crime to be a higher percentage. This is because figures show that it would bring an increase of crime, this doesn’t necessarily mean in the UK. But places like the Mexican boarder, there is a huge percentage of crime due to poverty.

The person who answered other said that a problem that could occur is the discrimination and lack of resources provided for them. This is a very valid point. A lot of immigrants aren’t aware that they will face discrimination and poverty when they reach other countries. This can cause a lot of problems for them, and still make them in danger.


Question 4:


This question was to see if people thought if there was any positives to immigration, if they thought there were any at all. The most popular answer was that they bring skills to our country, and then it was we are helping asylum seekers. I has expecting helping asylum seekers to be the most popular.


Question 5:


For this question, I wanted to see who people thought should be let into the country. The answer I was expecting to be the most popular answer was, which was anyone who is in danger of there own country.


Question 6:
I wanted to know what people actually thought we should do to help immigrants. The most common answer was let them in the country and give them the help they need. I was expecting the answer send armies to the place of war to be more popular. This is as when as a country we were deciding whether to go over to Syria, the government decided we should and most people agreed.



Question 7 

With this question, I wanted to people see why they would chose to come to the UK. Most people said that they are in danger in there own country. I think this is very accurate.

Question 8

This was the last question I asked. I wanted to see what people thought was going on in Syria. The answers would influence my film as I think a lot of people would be shocked if they found out some of the things that are going on. However, a lot of these things I wouldn’t be able to put into my film as they are way to violent. By the looks of it, a lot of people didn’t think most of things that are really going on, for example all the ones that are 70% and under.



From my research, I found out peoples opinions  and how I can use them to influence my film. It’s important to know people’s opinions when making a film, especially something political or current.

I have found that it’s important that I put truth into my film. From the primary research section, I have noticed a lot of people don’t know exactly what’s going on. I wouldn’t be able to put the whole truth into my film without making a documentary and I accept this. But I would still like to show people about some of the issues. For example, a lot of people didn’t know about the government being violent to random people. I think incorporating things like this would be good in my film because it will show people that it isn’t just the citizens that’s the problem.


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