25/05/2016 – Project Diary & Meeting

I decided to call a meeting between a few of the people involved in my film, mainly crew members. The people who turned up were Olly Clarke, who is doing sound; also Rosa Hepworth and Iris Atherton, who are helping with props, equipment and costumes. We met in Costas and we went through a lot of things.

Here’s a list of what we discussed:

  1. We firstly went through the script. I let them all read through my script and write notes on what they would change. We then went through it all together and I wrote down all their notes on one script. This meant it would be easier to go through it and make the changes they suggested.
  2. We then went through the schedule and what order we should film in. We decided that we should film in order of location, meaning that we should film the scenes in order of distance away from scene 1. This will be the easiest as it mean we don’t have to go back on ourselves at all.
  3. We then discussed casting. We had a list of people that were interested in the film and then went through the cat and decided on parts. We decided that Stef should defiantly play the part of  the dad/Malcolm. He is a very experienced actor and we have all worked with him before. We also decided on Izzy C playing the part of the daughter/Emma. She’s also a very experienced, and brilliant actor that we’ve all worked with. She brought my last film ‘Sunset Bound’ to life and played the character of Beatrice amazingly. We made a list of people that could play the other smaller characters, like the crying woman and the 2 arguing people in the van.
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