2nd Draft of Story Board

I created my first draft of the storyboard. This is a very rough storyboard, and a lot will need to be changed. With each shot, I have made it so the family are mainly the main focus. I’ve done this by making sure that the family/family member is in the middle or the thing in focus. I’ve done this by making it look like everything is going around them, and the story circles around their world.


Most the shots have something that I found from my research. This was really important to me because I wanted my film to be based on truth. Here are some examples:


This shot of the rucksack represents how fast the decision was to leave their home. This was written in a lot of the stories I researched.



Another thing that I found was that families were split up because they couldn’t afford to all travel together. I thought this was important to have in my film because a lot of the time children are forced to travel alone. Furthermore, I think it must be awful leaving people behind and not knowing if they are going to be okay. Making the choice of staying together or not must be so hard, especially for parents. A lot of the time people forget that immigrants are leaving so much behind, including people. I think it shows the desperation of some of the people choosing to leave.



This shot shows the older girl giving the child water, but they have barely any left. In a lot of the news casts it talked about the lack of food and water. Many people die while traveling from no food or water.



The last scene is of the 2 children traveling on the boat. I wanted to this scene because a story that I read was talking about how they pain lost of money to get out of the country, but then only got a rubber dingy that wasn’t that stable. ‘…forced him to pay $1,125 (£720) to cross the Aegean Sea. He was assured that he would be put in a safe boat but made it to the shore to discover a small rubber dinghy’. I wanted to emphasise how horrible the journey was and how dangerous it could be.



This shot is the repeated shot from the start but this time everyone is asleep but the dad. There is screams and gun fire in the background.In the stories they talked a lot about how the military/army/police came into there house and were violent. I felt like I didn’t want on screen violence in my film so I wanted to show it another way. I’ve done it by using sound and showing how scared the dad looks. I might add a weapon into his hand to make this more obvious.



This shot was inspired by the photo I found of the solders surrounded by fire. Obviously I couldn’t create this shot so I’m going to create the light by candles.

main_1200 (1)

Also, I read into stories and the documentary I wanted ‘Becoming Youtube’ they talked about how the electricity is cut off.



This shot I got the idea from a picture that I found when researching. I won’t be able to to recreate this look, but I like the idea of showing a building that looks destroyed.


Having this shot shows the damage to the place they live in. I also think it’s a good way of showing a strong family.


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2 Responses to 2nd Draft of Story Board

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Yup, excellent. This is why storyboards are important—they are not simply replicas of the shot list, but an additional visualisation used to consolidate your ideas. Great stuff Izzy. It’s good to see your excellent theoretical and metaphorical work carried into your visual appreciation of the film.


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