For my film I’m going to need to look into props. To do this I need to look at my scrip and make a props list, then research and get the prop.

Props List

Scene one

  • Remote
  • Phone
  • flowers

scene 2

  • properghanda posters
  • Bloody bandages

scene 3

  • lost people posters
  • board

scene 4


scene 5

  • bandanas

scene 6

  • teddy bear
  • candles

scene 7

  • British Flag (bloody)
  • Builders mask

scene 8


scene 9

  • Hockey stick (bloody)

Scene 10

  • Rucksack
  • Blue clothes

Scene 11

  • Rucksack

Scene 12

  • tbc

Scene 13

  • Envelope with money
  • newspapers
  • Empty water bottle
  • Rubber dingy
  • Big bag
  • Phone

Scene 14

  • Rubber Dingy
  • Paddles


 Prop Design

Scene 1


I need to create the effect like the channel has been changed. This can be done by showing the remote. This prop is available on set


Emma is going to be on her phone, this shows a ‘normal’ teenage life. I will use Izzy C’s (acting as Emma) phone


I wanted flowers in this scene, because I think it adds to the location more friendly and a stronger effect of a family setting.I got the flowers that follow the colour scheme of the first scene of yellow and oranges.










Scene 2

Propaganda Posters:

I wanted to make posters to give a thought out feel to the film. It gives the storyline more depth. It is important to me to pay attention to detail. It makes a film more planned and realistic. Some audience members might not notice the posters or little details to start with, but that normally means that the location and the background props blend in with the surroundings. This usual gives the effect that the film is much more realistic then just a low budget film made very quickly.

For inspiration I looked at the posters from 1984. When I was researching films, I looked into the film as it is political. They pay attention to detail in the film, including the posters shown in the background.

Using the inspiration, I made my own posters. Too make these posters, I used Photoshop.

The posters I created are very simple but I think they work well within my film. These will be in the background of the scene where the two children are walking down the alleyway.

Scene 3

Lost persons poster:

I made some posters to create the effective that a lot of people have gone missing or have died. To create this effect I needed to make a lot of posters and layer them up. I also made lots in different formats.

missing posters –  landscape black and white

Missing posters – portrait

I printed them out on different coloured paper to make them more varied.

Lost persons board:

I had to get dome help in making this prop. This is as I am not very good with saws and drills, but it’s a skill I would like to learn. Luckily my dads a builder, and one of his friends helped me.

To create the board I got an old piece of thin/wide wood, and then attached 2 planks to it.

I then added all the lost poster to it. I think it looked really effective and real by the end.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.06.18 AM.png

scene 6


In the scene the boy is surrounded by candles. I wanted them to be tea lights as they are the safest and I think they give off a bright glow.


Teddy bear:

The boy is going to be hugging a teddy bear. I think this shows innocence and how childlike he is.


scene 7


In this scene, there is a protester who is carrying a flag with blood stains on. I was inspired by this photo I found from a protest.


I bought a British flag, and splattered it with fake blood.

Once it had dried, I think the effect looked really good and exactly how I wanted it.


scene 9

Hockey Stick:

In scene nine, the main prop is a hockey stick. I wanted Malcolm, the dad, to be holding some sort of weapon. This is because I wanted him to look protective and scared. I think if he was holding a gun it would look more fake and unrealistic. This is because the film is set in the UK and it’s hard to access guns in this country. I wanted it to be a household object like a golf club or a hockey stick. However, I also wanted the weapon to be already used eg. worn and with dry blood on. This makes him look even more desperate and like he’s been forced to use it.

I went to a charity shop in Kendal and I found this hockey stick for £1. I will have to damage it and make it look like it is warn and old.


Firstly, I made the hockey stick look worn. To do this, me and my friend wacked it and rubbed it against loads of rocks. This made it look more old and used. I think it defiantly worked and looked effective.

Next we got fake blood and splattered it on the top and swung it around. We then hit it again on rocks to make the blood splatter everywhere. This made it look used as a weapon.


scene 10


In this scene, it’s going to show Malcolm packing a rucksack. I wanted to find one that was blue to go with the colour schemes.


scene 11

The rucksack is needed again in this scene.

scene 13

Envelope with money:

Getting an envelop is easy, however I’m not going to put real money inside. But instead I’m going to fill it with


I’m collecting these on Tuesday from the triplets house.

Empty water bottle:

Rubber dingy:

Big bag:


This prop is used by the van driver. Mathew Tucker (the van driver) is using his own phone.


Scene 14

The rubber dingy is the same one as scene 13.

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One Response to Props

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Excellent, excellent work, Izzy, showing a keen sense of understanding, a fierce attention to detail, and multiple production skills. I’m impressed with the work you’ve put in—to the posters (watch for typos!), the missing board, the hockey stick—and then for things like the rucksack and the flowers to be in line with particular defined colour schemes is excellent. You’ve shown real thoroughness, creativity and skill.


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