FMP Treatment

Working Title 

Immigration from UK





Log Line

What if we were the immigrants leaving our country to find asylum somewhere else, instead of the people of Syria?



What would you do if your home was in the middle of a war zone? Would you leave to find asylum, even if it means you could lose your life on the way? Or would you stay and have to face the consequences? A family are forced to live in a war zone, and have to make the decision to leave or not.


The first scene shows a family watching TV. A news cast is on showing the country in trouble. They change the channel to a documentary about snails and how they carry their homes on their backs. It shows the family calmly watching TV, as if nothing could harm them.

The next few scenes show their lives getting worse. The first shot shows the two children walking down an ally and a very injured man struggling for help. They can’t help him, as the girl explains, that they can get into trouble if they help someone. Secondly, it shows the daughter, Emma, looking at a lost persons board. She hear sirens and she turns to face the camera to see where the sirens are coming from. Thirdly, a shot of a tap and the water not coming out. Next, a line of people kneeling on the street, while soldiers walk behind them. A woman starts crying out. She gets shot. After is a shot of the younger child sat in the middle of a floor with candles surrounding her. The lights are out and she looks terrified. The next shot is children in the playground, lying face down on the floor. Someone is shouting about how every child is being checked for weapons. Sirens are going off in the background.

The next few shots show the family deciding to leave. The same shot as the start comes up, but this time it shows the family all asleep apart from the dad, who is sat up straight wide awake. There is distant noises of gun fires and screaming. After is a birds eyes shot of a rucksack being packed. Next is a shot of them walking together, hand in hand, towards a desilet and abandoned looking building. Then next shot shows the family hundred together and the daughter saying we have to leave. The father replies with “I know someone”.

The next sequence of shots show the family leaving. The first shot shows a few people going into a van as the family, who are closer to the camera are giving a man money and saying they can only afford the children to go. After this shot shows the children in the van, the younger one trying to reach for his parents. The dad say to ring them when they get there. Next it shows the two children in the van with all the people inside. Its over crowded and claustrophobic. The next shot is still in the van. Time has passed and everyone in the van looks skinnier. Two people are fighting over a packet of food. After, is a shot of the older girl holding a bottle of water for her brother. There is barely any left. After this is a shot of everyone asleep in the van apart from the older girl. She looks very skinny and drained. After, the shot starts on black. The doors open are opened and light beams on the girls face. Her eyes flicker open. There’s a quick cut to the 2 children walking over lying down bodies. The shot then cuts to outside the van. The van driver explains that they can’t take them any further, and hands them a boat in a bag.

The next scene shows the 2 children on a rubber dingy. They are in the water and the boat is rocking from the wind. There is a quick cut showing the old girl picking up her brother from the boat. She walks toward the camera and falls to her knees. With everything she has left she screams.




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One Response to FMP Treatment

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    Terrific treatment, Izzy, neatly connecting your excellent work so far into a single overview.


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