Credits and Titles

When making the draft for my film, I felt like my film didn’t have a real strong ending. I thought I could round this up in the credits. An idea I had was using real news clips whilst the credits are rolling to show the real reality of what’s happening. Although this takes a bit more work, I think it will tie my film together more.


David Cameron

For one of the clips, I wanted it to show something British and against immigration. I decided to find the clip of David Cameron, talking about immigration. He is against most immigration, and says ‘immigration should mean controlled immigration.’ The media and left wing people took this very offensively, as in he could pick and chose who needed the UKs help. This quote became very famous, and I wanted to use it.


Refugee Stories

I thought something else that would be good to put in, would be a clip of a refugee talking. I wanted to find one that linkef to their safety. In this video there is a woman talking about how unsafe it is to be where they are now.

 Syrian boy’s body.

This image became famous all over the world, as it showed the real brutalities of immigration. I was originally going to use this clip of the boy being found, but as I watched the news cast, there was a clip with in it of a shouting man, talking about what you would do in their situation. I thought this what more relevant in my film as my whole is based on the concept of people from the UK being in the situation of refugees.


When I researched emotive films, I found using children can make audiences feel more attached and remember the story more. I also think that children are the most effected by the Syrian war, as they are too young to be involved or understand what is going on. I thought I could end on a clip of a child talking about there story. I wanted it to link to home because that is the main theme of my film. I found this video with several clips I could use.



I wanted music playing whilst the credits are rolling. Music with the credits and the extra video clips will make it flow together more.

Picking music:

When choosing music, I need to think about what will match the film and the videos. Finding music that matches the mood and atmosphere is important. On an article from ‘No Film School,’ called ‘Feeling all the feels: How to chose the right music for your film,’ it reads:

Whether you’re shooting a film, a commercial, or a wedding video, there will inherently be an emotional and tonal energy that you will want to match your music to. Is the scene in your film dark and ominous? Then maybe you’ll want something with a cello (like in Jaws) or a piano piece played in a minor key. Is your wedding video light and jaunty, highlighting the happiness of two lovebirds being all in love and newly married? Then maybe a more celebratory sound, like a “happy” acoustic guitar (also known as the “Jack Johnson guitar”) would work better.

My film is a sad so the end music needs to represent that. My film also is made to make people think, therefor I want it to be simplistic as this gives the audience time to think. I think the best sort of music for my film would be piano or solo guitar music.

I song that instantly came to mind was a song by one of my favourite artists Keaton Henson called ‘To Your Health’. I can use this song as I’m using it for educational purposes.



Fonts and colours

Finding a font for a title can be hard as it needs to fit the style of your film.

When I looked into short films, I had another look at what fonts they used for the titles.

‘ReMoved’: (

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.59.30 AM

For the shot film ‘ReMoved’ they’ve chosen a bold title, that is slightly geometric. It is a very simple title, which is shown from the simplisity of the font. They’ve chosen a very dull grey colour and added a rough effect to it. This works well as the film is about a girls light who is ‘damaged’ and slightly broken. The dullness of the title also works as it’s simple and does’t stand out too much against the black.


Most Shocking Second a Day Video.’  : (

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.05.24 AM.png

For this film, although it’s not a title it’s still the main message of the film. They’ve chosen the same style as the first film. However, they’ve used black writing on a white background. This makes the writing stand out. They’ve also made it textured to make it look old and ruined.



For my title, ‘Snail Shell’, I decided to go for a grey colour. This gives a dull bland feel, as if it was worn and old. This mirrors the film themes and problems.

For the fonts, I looked at different fonts, trying to find one. I went with ‘Avenir’. I liked how well defined and bold it was.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.20.57 PM

Once i had the font, I decided to mess with the properties. I centered it, and then put the Kerning to 81.0, which spread the lettering out. I think this made it look more stylised and planned, giving a more simplistic and dynamic look.  Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.21.29 PM








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  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    More terrific work, Izzy. Fine details elevate every piece!


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