Final Film

Changes I made from my draft feedback

I took on all the comments and feedback from my tutors and peers. I made a checklist of all the changes to make.

After first draft:

  1. Simon suggested getting rid of the happy scene after the news clip. I decided that this was the wrong decision as I mirror this shot later on in the film. However, I did agree that it didn’t flow together very well. Instead of cutting the shot, I added a new shot which I filmed at the weekend. This made the film flow together better as it built up to the ally scene. Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.01.37 AM.png
  2. Cutting to black between the scenes. At first I thought it wasn’t a brilliant idea, but I decided to experiment with it. And I actually surprised myself. It made the clips and sound flow together better. Splitting up the scenes showed a passage in time, and the scenes with several shots made more sense as they were together, showing that they are part of one scene.
  3. Cutting the bag. I agreed with this as I hated the scene where you can see the sainsburys bag. It looks like he’s handing her shopping rather than a boat. I did have a bag to put the boat in, but I forgot it. I had to use a last resort which was the sainsburys bag. I tried cutting the scene, but it didn’t really make sense together. Instead I cut the scene to where he says ‘I cant take you any further’. This means you don’t see the bag for as long and it also is the same length as the other shots.
  4. Holding the opening eyes shot. I didn’t like this shot whatsoever. I was on the verge of cutting it because I hated it that much. But actually, both my tutors and peers liked it. I think I didn’t think it was perfect and it didn’t happen as planned. I took everyone’s advice and kept it in, and held the shot. Once it was colour corrected it actually looked really good because you can see the detail of her face properly and see that makeup I did on her.
  5. Using only sound on the credits. I tried this, and it didn’t look good. I think the clips really add something to my story and round it up.
  6. Audio. This is defiantly the biggest issue I have with my film. I think I should have thought more about the sound when planning and on set. I went back to all the scenes with sounds and changed the audio levels so they were all similar. The one that I really couldn’t change was S12, where they are sat in front of the rocks. The audio is horrendous because of the wind and the cars. There isn’t much I can do about this scene, so I might be forced to cut it.



Second lot of feed back:

  • Volume down on snail clip
  • Longer on essay title
  • Consider running siren over candle
  • If time, different gunshot
  • End tornado siren as there is a slight click
  • Fade sound in S12
  • Boost audio in S12 ^
  • Volume of sea down
  • Stopping the beep at black
  • Scync music to titles
  • Last clip centered.




  1. I matched the volume on the snail clip to the news clip, which worked better and flowed better.
  2. I made the essay shot longer, it definitely needed to be longer because the audience can’t read the title.
  3. I tried running the siren noise over the candle scene, but I don’t think it worked that well. I decided to fade in the siren earlier on as soon as the candle scene end. This does link them together more.
  4. I liked the gun shot, so I haven’t changed it.
  5. I faded out the siren because of the click. I faded it over three frames, so it’s not noticeable to the audience.
  6. I faded in the audio for S12 to make it sound less harsh when the scene starts. This worked better and the sound sounded more natural.
  7. I tried boosting the audio in S12, but it sounded extremely bad as it brought out the sounds of cars and the wind more. I left it how it was.
  8. I decreased the volume of the sea sound as it did sound like the sea was too rough for the movement the boat was making.
  9. I synced the title to the music by adding markers to the first peeks in the songs. This made the credit and title make more sense when it cuts in. Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.22.24 AM
  10. I made the last clips larger and centered so the audience can see it better. I think the last clip is important to be noticed more by the audience because it’s the final message of the film, that round-up the whole film. Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.35.41 AM.png


Final Touches

I organized all my audio tracks so it was layered out nicely and easier to understand. Looking at all my sound shows the amount of layers in my film. I went through all the sounds and checked the levels and all the clips.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.30.53 PM.png

I also made sure the ending faded out so that audiences knew when the ending is. I also refined all the cuts, and kept all the black spaces the same amount to make it more consistent.

Final Cut

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