Comic Art Festival & other comic events

Outline of the brief

For our first project, we have been asked by Lakes Comic Art Festival to create a projection that showcases Mark Milliar’s work.

Lakes Comic Art Festival 

The project is for the comic arts festival that is in Kendal each year. To understand more about the target audience and what we should make for the event, we need to research the event its self.

About the festival 

I went onto there website to find out more about the festival.  ( soon as I entered the website it came up with information about the event and lots of pictures of previous years.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.44.20 PM.png

I found out from the website that it’s been running since 2013, getting bigger each year. They hold lots of different events all over Kendal celebrating comics.

About the event we are doing

For our brief this project, we are using a space in the cafe/bar in Kendal called ‘Ruskins’. Each year the bar sets a theme up, and design the bar around the theme. This year it will be based around Mark Miller. People will be coming in and out of the bar all day, so the films we make should be short and simple, but engaging so people stay and watch.

We are going to the bar on Thursday so I can analyzed the space further when I get there later in the week.

Who comes to the festival? (Audience)

Each year the festival attracts people from all over the country. It does this by holding events within the weekend that are big opportunities. Such as meeting famous people within the comic industry.

The audience that comes normally are big comic fans or interested in the industry. This is because the event surrounds comics, therefor interests people who enjoys comics.

Other Comic Festivals

Comic Festivals popularity has grown throughout the years, so there is  lot of them to research and look into for inspiration .

Comic con UK

London comic con ( is an event that celebrates all pop culture shows. A main focus point is comics and there characters. Each year they have events, competitions, speakers and shops. It attracts a big crowd every year, all different ages and from all over the Uk or sometimes the world.










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