Mark Miller


For our brief we need to create a projection map of Mark Millers work. To make our video the best it can be, we need to learn more about him and what he does.

About him

Mark Miller was born in Scotland, and he enjoyed comic books from a young age when his older brother introduced them to him when he was 4. Now he writes comics that are widely appreciated by fans and comic book lovers.

He has been nominated for awards for his work such as ‘best writer’ and ‘best title for young audiences’.


His Work

  • His most popular pieces of work are:

The Authority


The authority is a series published by DC comics, and it follows the story of a team of super heroes. Although it’s not the most popular, it defiantly doesn’t lack detail. There are lots of characters all with different stories. This might be an interesting comic to look at for our project because of all the different types of characters.

The Ultimates:


The Ultimate’s is a more famous comic. It was published by Marvel in 2002. It was a reimagined and adapted version of the avengers team. It was a new approach to the characters and was very different to any other avengers comic that had been published. This would be interesting to focus on because the characters are all famous and recognisable. This would be good because it would make people stop and look, as they know and understand the characters.




The Kick Ass comic was published by Marvel and is one of Mark Miller’s most famous pieces of work. It has been made into a film more recently. It was a very popular film, which made Mark Miller’s popularity grow. I think Kick-Ass would be an interesting comic to look into because there is a film adaption which we could link the images too. This would be good because we could mirror shots or show differences.

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