Meeting With Julie Tate

On Thursday, we met with Julie Tate, who is the event organiser for Comic Arts. It was important to have a meeting with her because she set the brief and she knows the most about the event.

Idea Notes

Firstly we talked to her about our ideas. Here are the notes we were given:

  • She liked the idea of showing the evolution of the characters
  • She thought it was a cleaver idea of showing all the characters
  • It will be interesting to see all the similarities of the comics

Overall she didn’t give us much feedback because she liked our idea.


We had a discussion and asked questions about audience and more about the event.

  • Julie Tate put the event together after her son had become interested in comics. She made it for people like him who are interested in comics.
  • Now it celebrates all parts of comics as an art form. It celebrates all levels of artists, writers and other people involved with comics. Furthermore, it celebrates all genres and aspects, so it appeals to a very large audience and opens people’s eyes to different parts of comics.
  • It has now been running for 4 years.
  • It now hosts international guest and visitors, but also attracts a local audience.
  • It also attracts families to the event as it has family areas and activities family can do together.
  • The people that come span from novice to hard core fans.
  • Within the festival, there is free and ticketed events. The ticketed events are the events that normally the ones that attract the long term fans.
  • There’s around 40-50 official guests
  • Last year there was around 15,00 people over the weekend.
  • There’s an even split between women and men. But a lot of local young people come.
  • The average age of audience is 16-25.


  • Ruskins is a big attraction at the festival.
  • It will be open from 5
  • It will be an older audience
  • People come to be surprised
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