looking into audience

For this task, it was very important tolook into audience. Unlike past projects, we had to make the film to appeal to an audience, instead of chosing our own. 

festival Comic Arts Audience

When we spoke to Julie Tate (blog post: we asked her questions on audience to find out more who we are making are film for. 

Julie Tate suggested that there was a broad age range within the whole of the festival. This is as they have family and other areas. However, our instillation is the Ruskins bar, therefor she thinks that it will be mainly 16-25 year olds viewing our instilation. Therefor we should make the instillation to appeal to that age group. 

She also mentioned that fact that it tis an even split between male and female audiences. A few years ago,  she said, it would’ve been more males but as the years went on the amount of females grew. 

The main common intrest of the audience that comes to the festival is people who enjoy comics. This is because all the events are surrounding different aspects of comic books and comic films. This would suggest that most, nearly all, of the people that attened the festival are intrested in comics. However, Ruskins is always open and might not just have people from the festival coming into the bar. This means that a lot of people seeing the instilation might not have any idea who Mark Miller is or have any intrest in the comics. 
Who to appeal the instillation to 

When looking at all the infomation we had been given about the audience, we can draw up an idea of what we can do for the instillation. The most popular audience is 16-25 years olds; people with a strong intrest in comics; and a split between male and female. When we create and design our instillation, we need to keep these factors in mind. 

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